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Out of The Past

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Blue Pike, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Was working on the new bridge on US 20 at Woodvillie (Portage River)

    This clay pipe came up in the backhoe bucket. Haven't a clue as to how old it could be. Anyone know anything about them?

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    I think Misfit and Toad lost it out of their boat many years ago. :eek: :D :D :D
  4. you could have an indian artifact there, not sure. I used to go lookin for arrowheads and other artifacts in plowed fields, though I dont much anymore. Dad taught me quite a bit, and I do know that native americans would make pipes out of what we called "greenstone" the same type of rock they made tomahawks out of. I'm not sure on clay though, but it is quite possible. Surely an artifact of some culture though, the kids these days make them out of aluminum in shop class so I hear.
  5. Cool find, my friends Brother-in-law was doing some blasting in S.E Ohio around Woodsfield and un-earthed a Pronghorn antelope horn. I wonder how many years ago the last Pronghorn lived around here...1000's probably....and it wasn't fossilized either.

    Here's a link to some clay pipes on Ebay
  6. Crappiebub, Froggy --- Thanks for the links to the web sites. Them old clay pipes are kind of interesting.

    Ranger 4x4 --- When I first found the pipe, it was covered in dirt. The first thing that came to mind was, All right, it’s an old Indian relic.
    As I washed the dirt away I could clearly see that it was not an Indian relic. The word Scotland is on the stem. --- Yep, forgot to point out that in my initial post. :(
  7. I'd bet it was from Scottland ;) :)

    I don't think the Indians made them out of clay, but stone.
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    I grew up in Mogadore, and I would find clay pipes just like those, only with crude flutes on them. They would get unearthed by tree roots and rain near the base of this oak in my backyard.

    There was also a dirt ledge right behind there that had pottery and a few pipes come out of that as well. Turns out, my backyard was storage area for clay pipe and pottery items at a clay factory in the late 1700's and early 1800's. There were many clay mines in Mogadore off of Gilchrist raod. The land they were below is unstable to this day. Nothing can be built out there. I knew of two overgrown and barred off entrances. Would never go down in one! There were many clay tile and pipe factories in Mogadore at this time. They were all nestled in a small valley through what is now downtown on a Little Cuyahoga River feeder creek.

    If it has legible markings and/or dates, it could be worth alot of money, if a collectible company/era that is. The pipes I'd find were usually markless. I sold all pipes I found as a kid, probably got ripped off though! :eek:
  9. Yeah, your right froggy, Dad has a few Indian-made pipes and they are made out of a really dark, almost black looking, type of stone. And they also look very worn, as compared to this find. Seeing this kinda thing makes me wish I'd have pursued a degree in college in archaeology or something geological. Oh well, lessons learned...
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    But we we're all smiles. :rolleyes: :D . Misfit dropped it when he bent over to pick up a bag of tator chips. :D
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    i'm just glad you didn't drop the little baggie in the drink with it :eek: ;)