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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for a feb or beginning of march fishing trip that would be great for a long weekend. I live in C-bus but wouldn't want to drive too far. I'm looking for lake suggestions! I would like to do some crappie or bass fishing.

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    Check out Greenbo Lake State Resort Park in northeast Kentucky. Lodge room rates very reasonable, restaurant and marina on site, and small (255 acres) lake with largemouth and crappie. Also stocked with trout.

  3. it is about 5.5 hours if you want to drive that far it is all highway I75s to I40w. Great population of Crappie and good Bass lake. Lots of affordable lodging


    http://trexoglejr.com/about.htm lakeside resort plain hotel rooms are 45.00 a night.
    PM me if you have any questions.