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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Addiction, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. does anybody think any of the rivers out east will fish thursday or friday? im thinking of heading up there one of these days thanks
  2. The Grand is still a mess. The tribs off the Grand are good but I didnt see many fish in them today. I fished Paine Creek for 3 hours and got 1 fish.

  3. Same with the Chagrin...stopped there today but just not worth the time.
  4. MuskieJim

    MuskieJim Trophy Tamer

    I understand that everyone wants to help out, but why give the exact location FM? Next time you fish there be ready for a few more fisherman, probably make your 1 catch a 0.

    All main rivers here in NE Ohio are blown. Your best luck would be the tribs, but if you are traveling far I'd just wait until a stocked river is fishable if you're looking for numbers.
  5. thank fishin musician i appreciate the info help out i dont get it why people get there panties in a bunch when people give an ``EXACT LOCATION`` something about that i dont get but owell what do they say 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish right? so who the heck cares if you give an exact location.
  6. MuskieJim

    MuskieJim Trophy Tamer

    I will tell you who cares, people who go out and fish themselves, who don't look for answers on their computer. I'm not being a jerk here, but there are many many steelheaders that would agree, the minute a location is on the forum, be ready to see lots and lots of people there. I mean, you're asking for fishable water, and if you decided to come up tomorrow and fish, only to see 10 cars in the lot by the time you get there, you'll be happy???? Doubtful.

    Just looking at your past posts shows how much you care about exact locations. No wonder that river has been so packed.
  7. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    I agree with muskiejim on this one. You'll realize after you post about a certain trib or spot then go there consecutive days to find 10x as many people on the second day. Some people come on here just to see where to go and they arent even members. Its a unwritten steelie rule, at least in my book!! There are pm's for a reason!
  8. ryosapien

    ryosapien Bad@

    oh zt this is rich.......lol
    In regards to the original question the chagrin is at like 418 right now and has been dropping mega fast this week i think if we avoid any major spikes friday should be prime i have been tying like mad and am ready. after the last two weeks i have had i am due. any flow level <350 is worth my time
  9. It would be hard to catch fish if you cant even get in a spot to catch them. It probably would be prudent to mention a small creek, or small water without being specific. A stocked trib can be mentioned because there is so much water to fish. Some of the small water only offers a couple of prime areas to fish and it is easy to be crowded out.

    I feel for the people who live hours away and only get to fish a few times per year. It is difficult to time up a good bite and good conditions when you only fish a few times. It takes time to learn what tribs will be fishable and when.

    People wonder why the steelheaders here are touchy about this stuff. It is not like a lake where there are thousands of acres of fishable water. Although a creek may be a mile long, there may only be a few sections holding fish. If there are big crowds there, the fishing is shot.

    I am all for helping others learn and catch fish. However, there are many people lurking here that could care less about others and are just for themselves. I dont really want to share information with them.

    If you would like to help someone from the site out with a specific location, why not just shoot them a PM. You may benefit from some good information back too.
  10. MuskieJim

    MuskieJim Trophy Tamer

    Amen Elkhtr!

    I'm all about sharing info, and I too feel for people who live hours away. I have the privilege of fishing 3 to 4 times a week and users PM me all the time for info. I don't think that posting a creek less than a mile long on a public board is a good idea. Period.

    Posting Small Water and Unstocked Tribs = More fisherman = less fish for you and the people who get off their butts and check it out for themselves.

    "i dont get it why people get there panties in a bunch when people give an ``EXACT LOCATION`` something about that i dont get"

    Are you serious?? You don't get it? You must not fish very often.....
  11. I totally understand not mentioning specific locations. Same thing happens with unspoken public hunting locations. We have a prime spot in SE Ohio that maybe 20 people tops have been hunting in the last 8 years during gun season. last year there were a few unfamiliar faces and this year there were about 30-40 guys hunting this same area. Some people don't know how good something is until it's gone. Be careful who you tell, and how much you tell them or your favorite spot might become everyone elses favorite and your loss.
  12. i have to agree with mj.last yr i got bashed for saying the same thing about a unstocked river that home owners let guys fished. well now its private.just pm guys.i have pm mj,and guys have pm about rivers. its great to help,but pm it. ever notice when there are 20 guys fishing an area,that is prime,but u are below,and u start catching fish.half of those guys are in your pocket. i had a guy that tried to snag the fish i had on my line. steelhead brings out alot of crazy people.help people by pm with locations.
  13. I know we like to keep the our spots secret, but when the information is public knowledge on the internet are we really giving up specific names of tribs a major fopah.
  14. My my how things change. I remember quite a few people being upset about not wanting others to post specific spots and unstocked tribs. Now there tone has changed for a different direction.

    LOL. As of last spring we lost an entire half of a steelhead stream because that was thought by many as PUBLIC. Now its posted and shut off at least 4-6 miles of stream. Maybe that woke some people up.

    I am glad we are starting to realize what posting on the internet can do to a river. Its not like a lake where there are thousands of acres to share.
  15. Paine Creek, there are NO fish in it....
    Whats the problem with that. Maybe, just maybe I hammered them yesterday and I dont want anyone there to fish with me! Hey addiction...PM me for info so these boys wont bunch their panties!
  16. This is why I don't post much on this site anymore. Exact locations will take away more stream access.
  17. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    I rarely get involved in this, but I used to fish Paine years ago and it was nice.
    It was a decent place to go when there wasn't anything else to fish because the big rivers were all blown out.
    BUT, that creek can accomodate about 4-5 people comfortably at the most.
    AND, now, you'll see people fishing there even when the flow is down to a trickle.

    Let's face it, most steelheaders are ho's and are always looking for new spots,
    especially the newer guys. Every lil ho that read this post made a little mental note (or even wrote down) to check out the creek sometime in the future.
    Might not be this week or this month, but they'll check it out eventually.

    When you go there, if it's a weekend, you will find 8 guys lined up fishing a little pool 50 ft long. If you hit on a weekday, unless some fresh, dumb fish came in, you won't get much 'cause the fish were hammered all weekend long.

    In the old days us old ho's had to get out our DeLorme Atlas and go exploring to find these places.
  18. Maturing of a River fisherman...

    New guy starts posting asking how and where to catch fish and get upset when someone says NO.

    New guy learns to catch river fish and is now a partially experienced angler and shares info with others publically.

    Partially experienced angler learns more and more info and becomes a above avg. angler. He or she continues to share their info.

    Soon enough the Angler notices larger traffic on his found locations. Angler Becomes upset that he losses access to his spots and learns the power of the internet.

    Above avg. angler no longer posts reports on his locations. And occasionally helps less experienced anglers with technique.

    Above avg. angler notices other less experienced anglers doing the same mistakes he made when he started and informs him not to do those things.

    Other anglers who are upset by the above avg. angler trying to deter the less experienced angler from posting above specifics, decide to bash him and call him selfish.

    Eventually the angler no longer participates in the site discussions.

    Now his knowledge is gone forever.

    Landowners get mad b/c all the additional new fisherman who thought the land that was "PUBLIC" trash and disrespect their property. Land gets posted.

    Less land to fish.

    More arguing on the discussion boards. Moderators get mad.

    Newer anglers lose opportunities of knowledge b/c the above avg angler no longer shares.

    Moral of the story... everyone loses.

    So happy posting.
  19. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    Correction. Steelheaders would get their polypropalene, extra heavy thermals in a bunch.

    This whole post wouldn't have happenend if everybody just learned how to read
    the flow gauges.

    Maybe we ought to have a sticky with river flow gauges?
  20. creekcrawler

    creekcrawler Konfused Kayaker

    oooops, my bad. Didn't know there was a sticky .....
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