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  1. Havent posted yet this year about any Steelie trips so i thought i would now. Best day so far for me this year. Started fishing a little beofre 8. The bits were constant today. Had to leave around 1130 due to other plans, but if i could have i would have been there all day. The one fish that i lost was a nice one. It stayed down for a good 10 minutes without me being able to do much. Really wish i could have saw it. All of the fish were caught on eggs.

    I did have one problem that i seem to keep encountering. Line Twist! It happens after I fight a fish for a while. After I land the fish, my main line is twisted everywhere and it turns into knots! I cannot stand it having to take 20yds of line of and retying my leader! I have 6lb siglon f as a main line. Any suggestions? Is there something Im doing wrong?

    Heres a couple pics of some of the nicer fish of the day. Cant seem to find the cable to charge my camera so i had to use my phone. All fish were released with the excpetion of one female i took.



  2. Nice job Tim. I sent you a PM.

  3. i have the same problem tim, with the line twists it drives me crazy sometime but all i try and do is after every couple fish i hold my pole up as high as i can and let the jig or spoon spin in circles for a little bit and it seems to help.
  4. One reason could be if u are reeling the line and the fish isn't coming in it causing twist in a spinning reel. I have seen people do this many times and have no idea they are twisting there line all up. Hope that helps and nice pics!
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    If the fish is pulling drag and you are reeling while the drag is being pulled out it will cause crazy line twists
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    the pic of that first fish is pretty unique super dark with a dolphin like nose.
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    Looks like your question was answered already. Reeling while the drag is turning will definately put twists in your line.
  8. Hey, a few weeks ago i respooled line and was twisting non stop so my uncle had me put an oversized round bobber and a splt shot on line and let it drift downstream in a nice long straight moderate current. I did this about 3 times for 200 feet and it fixed the knots while casting from line twsts.
  9. Thanks for the help. That was the reason for my line twist. I did catch myself reeling a couple times while the fish was making a run. It makes sense now. Also caught this fish today. I was just about to release it and noticed the fin, so i took some pics. It was a gimp fish? The fin was missing. Thats the first time ive seen something like this. Was it born this way or what?


  10. that usually happens in the hatchary, there so stacked there fins rub against the concret
  11. More than likely it was not a birth defect but rather the fish had it's fin clipped by the hatchery or DNR agency that stocked the fish. This is sometimes done to help researchers identify where the fish were first stocked, so that they can assess how good of return rates are being achieved or to see just how far from home these fish will stray. As far as I know Ohio does not do any fin clips of their stocked fish so that fish you caught was more than likely from out of state. A few weeks ago I also caught a fish that had its left pectoral fin clipped. I forget which agencies clip which fins. Maybe someone else here knows off hand, or I can try to find that info again.

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    lol, like the first pics. very spot-secretive
  13. Thats pretty neat to think that the fish came all the way from over there. Thanks for all the info. I did not know any of that.
  14. Yeah I think it's pretty cool how Lake Erie gets all these different strains of steelhead put into it by all the surrounding states and provinces. Allthough most of the fish we catch here in OH will be from OH or PA further east, you may possibly be catching steelies that came from MI, NY, or CAN. We in OH especially benefit from being next to PA who stocks about 1 million smolts into their tiny stretch of Steelhead Alley every year versus Ohio's 500,000. Granted many of our OH fish likely head to the deeper waters of Lake Erie's eastern basin and end up running up PA or NY streams.

    I wonder, with all the intermingling of different steelhead strains, if there has been any new hybrid strains created in the limited natural reproduction that occurs.