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    I think a big congratulation goes to Doug and his degree from Ohio University. He turned down a couple days of fishing just to "Walk the Walk". I for one envy him for sticking to the program, as I am a few credits short and a lot of years past my prime. May your future be all you and the family are hoping for.
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    sgo,i agree.congrats are definately in order.that degree will give him a lifetime option as far as work goes.4 years of hard studying will pay off in the long run,plus there's alot of good times and friendships that go with it.
    it sounds like we're in the same boat.i've got 1 quarter left(internship)at o.u. for my degree but it's gonna stay on hold until i'm done as a firefighter.then i'm gonna finish up if for no other reason to just have that diploma.

  3. Thank you very much for the congratulations guys. Makes me feel good to see this on the board. Jerry, it was a tough decision to turn down fishing but I'm looking forward to sharing the weekend with family and celebrate.
    Now that I'm done with my bachelor's I will actually be staying at OU to go for my master's degree in GIS (computer mapping) and working at Wayne National Forest again this summer. I've got to record some more locations of all the strip mines here in southeast OHIO!!!!! ;) ;)
    Thanks again guys and good luck to you in going after the big ones.

    p.s. Jerry, I sent you an e-mail about a window of opportunity to get on this coming weekend.
  4. Whats this job w/ Wayne National? I'm sick and tired of checking fire ext. for OU and would love to get out in the woods! Any info would be great. I'm not trying to steal your job,lol, just curious if there's anything open.

    Congrats on finishin up! I say stay and get the Masters. Nothing but good times, good hunting, and OK fishing down here,lol(i'm used to the lake). We'll definitely have to meet up, my old supervisor's brother has some nice ponds over off 550, Monday Creek Coal Company, that he said I gotta try out. I'll keep ya posted.

  5. Adam,
    I'll be working at Wayne National Forest as a student employee in the GIS department. I'll be going into grad school next fall, so that's how I'm still a student employee. I have no idea about other openings.
    Hitting some ponds on coal company ground sounds good to me. I'm in Athens full-time so just let me know when you could go. I love to hit up those out of the way ponds after some big bass. Shoot me an e-mail or PM.

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    I'll be attending OU this fall, can't wait! I heard they have a club down there for hunting and fishing?