Ottawa Resavoir

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  1. Need some info on this lake. What road is it on ? Boating Regulations, does it have a ramp ? What kind of fish are in it ? and how old is the lake ?
    THANKS Mike
  2. About the only thing I can help you with is, it is located on old SR 224 just east of the fair grounds. I know that there are saugeye, channel cats, bluegill and crappie in it. As far as boats go, not sure. I don't think there is any kind of a boat ramp.
    I'm sure someone else can help out more.

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    Alright, this is how you find where these places are. First either find it on the map or on the alphebetized list below the map. Click on Ottawa Res., it will identify it on the map. Then zoom in to it using the zoom bar on the upper left side of the map. Notice key species are identified (abreviated) in the call out. You can change the map view in the drop down box in the upper right hand corner of the map. Try USGS+G, this should show you parking and boat launch detail if zoomed all the way in. Looks like the parking and boat launch are on the north side of the res. Unfortunately, there is no lake pdf file, otherwise known as a resource detail, for this res. Hopefully that will be coming soon.
  4. I drove past it today and from what I could see there is a closed gate on the north side of the res. Couldn't get out and investigate furthur cuz it was raining to beat the band. I didn't see any boat ramp or road leading to the top so I would guess you'd have to carry a boat up there. Hope this little bit helps.
  5. THANKS for the info, hard to find a lot of info on this lake, but did some searching and found out that it is 20 acres, with no boat ramp, and electric motors only.