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otangy 8/13

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by brideout, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. One of the best days I have had lately I only caught 10 fish but some of the nicer quality I have pulled out of this stretch since I have began to fish it. I caught 4 smallies, 3 crappie, 2 bluegill, and a nice cat. I was throwing a jig & twister tail in Chartruse. The cat caught me off gaurd it hit hard then stopped running and felt like a log for a min then took off again. I pulled it out of the water and it was a big fish. I never take a camara cause my fiance think it will get ruined in the water but I did have my hand scale. The fish weight in at just under 9 1/2 lbs. I would have liked to caught some nicer smallies but I can settle for what I got. I did run into some guys using soft craws that were killing smallie and cats. I tried a few things but the only time I ever have luck in the tangy is with rooster tails and twister tails. I want to get back out there soon but got some long work hrs coming up. If anyone ever wants to meet up sometime I am always willing to learn a few tricks.

  2. What parts of the tangy do you fish. I'm from the canton area but my son will be playing football at Ohio Dominican this year and I'm looking to do some fishing in the Columbus area. Are you wading, boat or on shore. I'm not familiar the river but have seen it in the Delaware area.

  3. I have been fishing near the campus area lately. I usually throw on some old shoes and shorts and walk around in about 2 1/2ft of water.
  4. is there any water down there that is floatable or is it too shallow? i got a two man boat, i fished around highbanks the other day, hit alot of shallow spots but ended up with 7-8 smallies, alot of packing the boat over rocks though