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OT Canoe for $298

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by BlueWater, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. I was at Sam's Club 4825 MARBURG AVENUE CINCINNATI , OH 45209
    Phone Number:
    (513) 631-4732

    They have a three seater OT canoe. The middle seat has a built in cooler, storage, cup holders, etc. Looks pretty heavy, but nice. I would call before you go. I asked one of the workers and they said it was $398 and they reduced it to $298.

    Let me know if you pick it up.

  2. I bet that is the same canoe that I got there a few years ago. Was it a 14 footer, i think 13'11"? Great canoe and you cant beat the price.

  3. That's the canoe. Is it made by OT? It looks real nice, but I am thinking of getting and Outcast Pontoon Boat, it has all the features that I am looking for.

    How much does the canoe in the picture weigh? Is $298 a good price for it?


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  4. I think the canoe is about 80 pounds, its a little heavy but does great in the creek you can turn it on a dime and I go through shallower water than lots of other canoes. Does great with 2 people or put a 3rd on the cooler in the middle or sit in the middle seat yourself and go solo very versitile canoe and very strong and stable. I think its 42" across the middle. I love it!
    I have looked into those pontoons also but already have a float tube which I love.
  5. By the way I have seen this exact canoe with the name Old Towne, Water Quest which is what the picture above is, and mine says Rogue River on it. So I dont know who makes it
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