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OSU VS Purdue

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by crappielooker, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    my money is on the buckeyes, but not by much..i have a feeling that Nugent will be the hero again this game...
    OSU 20
    boilermakers 17..
    muck fichigan week is next.. i can't wait...
    let's go BUCKS!!!!
  2. I ain't touching this game. I never give up on our Buckeyes but that is not always enough. :rolleyes:

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    The Buckeyes Suck pure and simple

    Bucks 14.

    Next week

    Michigan- 44

    OSU -3
  4. Well,I tend to be more of a UM fan than a Bucks fan,seeing as how I grew up in Michigan and all.I don't see a blowout in that game at all,as a matter of fact,I think OSU will win in a tight one.Michigan's offense may be better than OSU's,the defense's are about even.Where OSU has a monster advantage is special teams.UM has a really sporadic field goal kicker(he even struggles on extra points),they have been burned several times on kickoff and punt returns also(Ginn?).I'll say OSU 19 / UM 17. As far as the Purdue game,that will be a tough one for OSU I think,so I'll go with Purdue 24 / OSU 17.
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    i thought i live in ohio...where the heck are the buckeyes fan?? :confused:
  6. GO BUCKS!

    Is that better? :D
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  7. I'm a huge buckeye fan but they do suck this year. Might be able to beat Purdue since they have really been on the downhill since early in the season. If the defense can make Purdue punt a few times the bucks might be able to score, Ginn is AWSOME!