Osu Vs. Psu

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    coming off from a bye week.. against JoPa.. at his home field, and a night game.. its going to be tough if we are talking statistically.. but i believe we will end that losing streak this weekend..
    OSU 27
    PSU 21
    GO Bucks!!!!
  2. jeffmo

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    i'm never any good at predicting scores but i think ohio state should win this one fairly easy.the defense will be the difference.
    hats off to paterno though! what a difference a year makes.he's one of my favorite coaches.

  3. Bucks have a lot of work to do to prove they belong back at the top of the rankings. They will make a very good case for it Saturday with a major whipping on the Nittany Lions. Jo Pa has them playing well but they hav enot really been tested yet. I think the Buckeye defense will be their normal dominant presence. The Buckeyes rushing game will continue to improve.

    Bucks 34

    PSU 10
  4. Smallie Gene

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    For some dumb reason, I think OSU will beat them rather handily....say....31-16.
  5. I don't expect as many points as you guys. Both teams have great defenses & yards will be hard to come by. PSU's "D" has over 300 games worth of experience - all those guys have played in tons of games. Tressel will play his field position and ball control game. If our defense consistantly shuts them down, I expect boring safe play calling from Tress. Look at the last several games in the series - very close games won on big plays & I think we make more plays than they do.

    IMO - This is easily the best team we've seen since Texas.

    If I had to pick a score - OSU 20 PSU 13
  6. I am not looking for Tressel to open up his game plan that much. I just have a feeling that these guys are getting their stuff together with the running game. I think that ground game will pile up some major yards.

    The defense will shut PSU down and force some turnovers. I think they will pressure their QB into some mistakes as I don't see him as being a very effective passer.
  7. Osu is for real! Hard to say for a Michigan fan, but they are due for one loss they should not have due to the conservative coaching and lack of intelligence on offense. Don't think it will be this week though as PSU has issues of its own. A defensive battle ends in a OSU victory 24-13.

    I just hope OSU stubs its toe the last game of the season. Go Blue!!!!
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  9. I am not sure who the guy was that was on the radio staion yesterday but I believe he was an ESPN guy. He said he thought the PSU would win the game.:rolleyes: Of course I did not follow his logic. He was asked whether he thought that PSU was for real and his answer was no. He felt that they would stumble a time or two during the regular season but that it would not be Saturday. That sounds to me like he is putting OSU down the list a ways in the Big 10. I strongly tend to disagree.:D I am not saying definitively that they are way better than anyone in the Big 10 but I can't list anyone who I feel is better than them either.;)
  10. Robison led the Nittany Kittys to a win last week in dramatic fashion, but he was the reason they were in a hole too. This defense will force bewteen 4 and 6 tournovers against the Lions and this will be a cakewalk.



  11. I think it will be a close game,decided by a late turnover.OSU will trail at halftime with a lackluster game turned in by Smith.Tressle will put in Zwick to shake things up,and OSU will sneak out of Happy Valley with a win.OSU 18-PSU 17.
  12. I also think that scenario will happen at some point along the way whether it happens this Saturday or not. I just am still not convinced that Smith is the best of the two. If he proves me wrong I will be happy to admit it.:D
  13. jeffmo

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    smith gets my vote for being the better qb of the two for one reason.he brings a running ability that is much better than zwicks.
    outside of that i think they're pretty equal in talent.
  14. I know a running QB brings an added excitement to the game. But it always seems to be a difficult balance between runner and passer. After all when is the last time a team with a good running QB won the national championship? I like mobility in a QB but he just seems to want to do it all with his feet when at times he would seem better off to use his arm. I think Zwick has pretty decent mobility and it probably would probably be recognized by the media if it were not for the fleet footed Smith for comparison. I like to see a QB that will read through his progression and make the right choice downfield. With Smith they seem to have forgotten the strength of their offense, the wide receivers.

    I don't want to make it all sound negative. I would take Smith in most seasons with no hesitation except that this time I think maybe there is one a touch better.
  15. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    bkr,i agree.smith does seem to be a little too eager to run the ball before he's taken a good look at the receivers.seems like he needs to learn to look for his second receiver when the primary man is covered.i think it's probably driving ginn crazy!!
  16. I agree. Along with the rest of those receivers. There is some major speed and talent in that receiving group that is waiting to be released.

    I love the running game presence that has emerged the last couple of games. I think that should create some great play action opportunities deep for these guys.;)
  17. Bucks-21
    Bucks are to much and they will run the ball right down the field. I don't care who is the QB we need to run the ball! Oh the diffrence- a punt return by glen. GO BUCKS!!
  18. BKR-Good pick..that's the exact score I picked on Tuesday when talking about the game with my son (34-10). PSU is much improved, but not yet tested. Bucks D willl dominate.

    I also agree that Smith is a good QB and brings a different dimension to the offense with his running ability, but has poor technique and doesn't read defenses well. Zwick doesn't throw a good ball, but at least trys to get it to the recievers (arguably the best recieving corp in the country). When you have weapons like Holmes, Ginn, Gonzalez, and Hall you need to stay in/step up in the pocket and get them the ball even if it means taking some hits-not run at every chance.

  19. Well then I hope you are right.:D

    Who would have thought that four games into the season and that receiving corp would only be average just over a 1 TD a game and less than 200 yards a game? Heck as good as their defense is they are even giving up more yardage than these guys are getting.:rolleyes: