OSU vs. Northwestern

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  1. Did anyone watch the 4th quarter of the buckeye game today? I can't believe that the sports announcers were "bashing" the buckeyes for the fake punt. They pretty much made it sound like we had the game in the bag and should just run the clock out.

    Wait a second here.... Don't all of these sportscasters tear the buckeyes apart every week because they don't win big. They always dog them because they never run up the score.

    Come on, make up your minds!!!!!!
  2. I hear you. Always bashing good or bad. Nice to see tressel do that to keep other teams thinking. Great move on the fake punt even if they did not convert.But did awesome call. GO BUCKS

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    Did anyone really expect a lay down on the last carry for a player with an open field in front of him? Give me a break. Athletes are competetive no matter the score. Nuff said
  4. Tressel said in Todays Dispatch that they were kicking into a stiff wind and didnt think they would net much if anything on the punt, always good to practice those plays under game conditions as well, never know when the game might be on the line and you need to convert.
  5. I don't agree with the fake punt, but there WAS a lot of time left (7 minutes plus) so I can live with that. I DO have a MAJOR issue with NOT taking a knee in the waning seconds of a game with an insurmountable lead. That running play should NEVER have been run!
    I am a HUGE Buckeye fan, but the last offensive play embarrassed me & shed a negative light on a fine program.
  6. Come on Ohio tuber, everyone on the field was 2nd & 3rd stringers that don't get many reps. You can't fault them for executing under game conditions vs Northwestern's starters .......... yes , NW still had the starting "D" on the field (Wooton missed the tackle). The td call was simply a dive up the middle that Herron popped outside & ran to the open field. Maybe Tress should have had Boeckman take a knee, but the "D" just laid down. It wasn't typical Tressel, but he obviously didn't expect a score.
  7. I understand what you're saying, but that last offensive play SHOULD have been taking a knee & my bet is that JT would say the same thing now. You are right...whoever is on the field is going to (and SHOULD) play hard. With the horses OSU has, that's WHY there should have been no run. Just my opinion.
    BTW, I am STILL a huge JT & OSU fan, I just feel that was a mistake, that's all.
  8. I agree that Tress wishes he had that call back, I've never seen him try to add a score that late. Fitzgerald was NOT a happy camper, either & I really don't blame him.
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    I was glad to see the Bucks play with a little chip on the shoulder. I liked the fact they didn't take a knee. It is the job of the other team to stop the Bucks. The 2nd's and 3rd's work just as hard in practice as the starters and they deserve to play.

    If Fitzgerald didn't like it he should have called a better game. Sorry but sympathy is better left to other items. Play or go home.

    And there is nothing unclassy about playing until the final whistle. Coaches preach to players to play till the whistle blows, this is called practice what you preach.

    Besides it was only a 35 point win, it wasn't 70 zip or anything. If you thought the Bucks did something bad on Sat, you must really hate the SEC, Big 12, PAC 10, and the rest of the top programs. What about Texas Tech? Should they be ashamed?

    Go Bucks, score early, score often!!!!!
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    i don't see it as cheap or running up the score if it's a 2nd or 3rd stringer that scored.
    very good game!
  11. If I was a second or third string player, you best believe that I would be playing my heart out on every play to make it to the starting lineup. I for one, was glad to see OSU tag on some extra points from their reserve players.

    My whole point is that all of these anouncers and football critics complain about Tressel playing too conservative and not blowing anyone out. Then when start to, they turn around and talk bad about it during the game. I just don't understand it. Like Darby Man stated, when someone from the SEC or Big 12 shuts out a team and scores 40+ points all they do is rave about how great that team is.
  12. I didn't see a snap of the game, but how is it that we are still ranked 11th? It seems like we have been there forever.
  13. I agree we should have at least moved up a spot or two, we beat a ranked team, I had to work Saturday and just watched the whole game lastnight, Tressel seemed upset that they scored on that last play, he had a frown come over his face.
  14. I also did not see a snap of the game but I read some of the recap of it and I have to say that I am with Ohiotuber on this one. I think that was a very poor decision to not take the knee. I find it a bit hypocritical for many of the Buckeye fan to defend that when in the past it has always seemed to be something that fans liked about Tressel, his respect for the other team. I have many times heard the criticism of other programs for doing much more than that. Just think of the hate that Spurrier collected in his years at Florida for the same thing. Would the pollsters look at OSU any differently with a 38-10 win than they did with a 45-10 win?

    I think that if Tress had that one to do over again he would have taken the knee. It will be interesting to see whether that question is asked of him this week in his conferences.
  15. That's a joke, right? You think Boom Herron scoring a 16 yard touchdown against Northwestern with 7 seconds left in the game is going to get him starting time over Beanie?

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    definately not but it'll make an impression on the coaching staff on how hard he's willing to play.he'll replace beanie next season.
  17. I don't Boom for taking it to the house. If the play is called the kids should give it their all. The mistake was made in the error of judgment by the coaching staff to even hand it off in that situation.
  18. Without a doubt - I actually have no problem with running the score up. The kids should give it their all. That includes the ones on defense who are ranked #24 in the country. It's their job to stop the offense, not Tressel's.
  19. No. He definitely won't get starting time over Beanie. I agree that would be absurd. However, we could all only pray that he would jump Mo Wells. I would love to see Boom be Beanie's backup. Sorry, but Mo has no tallent as an RB but yet they keep playing him.
  20. I also wonder what Mo does to earn playing time....It sure isn't breaking arm tackles! :confused: