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  1. Am I the only one excited about the spring game?

    I know were gonna be without many projected starters but I cant wait to some of the young talent take the field.
  2. This might be sacrilege, but I just can't get into college football.

  3. I have to say that I'm looking forward to the NBA playoffs and bass tournaments. I love my OSU football but it seems like the season just ended last week!
  4. I don't usually get into college football either but, when my buddy called and asked if I wanted to go how could I say no.

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    Can't wait for the season to start! I'm really hoping Brandon Saine gets chance to show some speed in scarlet/grey game this weekend. It's going to be tuff for JT to get all the running backs in this year, but we are stacked at this position!
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    Seriously, when it comes to overhyping something, the spring game ranks right up there with the NFL draft. It's worse than an NFL preseason game, but it's the same deal...the players run on the field, you get all excited about a football game, it starts, and you yawn because now they are playing and it means nothing.
  7. Thick Rick....
    I hear what you saying but have to slightly disagree. Spring games are a glorified practice BUT they give fans a chance to see the team, meet players and alot of great players have emerged in the spring game...Ask Anthonay Gonzalez. The game is a great time to show recruits what your football program is all about, one player committed right after the game and another which happens to be the best SLB in the country is expected to commit monday because he fell in love with the atmosphere so its a great recruiting tool also.

    Plus all the proceeds go to charities
  8. Add current 4 star, soon to be 5 star recruit Jordan Hall to the list of kids that committed as a result of liking what they saw at the spring game.

    Marcus Hall the national #2 ranked OT will likley commit this week also.
  9. I cant get enough of the spring games because you learn alot about young talent and can get some good ideas about whats going on. Sadly i missed my first one in six years because i was watching the reds lose.

    Im real excited about the beanie wells and brandon saine backfield they are putting in.

    Love that Bauserman stepped up and is playing like a football player again.

    Would rather see curtis terry at LB but he looks like the step in fullback.

    T Washington is a deep ball threat whenever he touches the field

    Ray small better get his act together

    Todd... im sorry but you scare me, please stop zoning in on WR's and manage the game.

    Cant wait for the season and sept 13th.... Oh and Ofcourse T PRYOR
  10. I didn't see the game but watched a few of the highlights of the game. I got to see one of Boeckman's patented prayer Hail Mary's that looked all too familiar. He moved in the pocket to buy time and then chose to go deep which is not a bad idea...if you actually throw the ball deep.:rolleyes: That is what got him in trouble often last year particularly later in the season with better competition. He would just throw it up and hope his receivers could win the jump ball. A deep ball especially when it is not 3rd down needs to be deep enough to let the receivers run under it. I have not been overly impressed with Boeckman at any point along the way. I know he put up pretty decent numbers last year but mostly it was against somewhat softer teams. His decision making is not the best at times. He is a decent QB but not one that I would label as the definite starter going in to any season. I just feel that OSU is capable of recruiting QB's like him on a regular basis and he needs to look over his shoulder for who his competition is. I didn't see anything from Henton to suggest he is that person. And his style is too much like Pryor's. If they choose to use a mobile QB I would say Pryor will be in. Therefore I don't see Henton playing much. I have not seen Bauserman play so I don't knoow whether he will get any playing time or not.

    With all of the weapons that the Bucks will have on the offensive side of the ball I feel they will do well regardless of who gets the nod. I am looking forward to seeing them in August.
  11. I always attend or at at least watch the spring game - it is a great chance to see the young guys and the spirit of the team.

    Some obvious observations:

    Bauserman has a rocket attached to his body
    The depth at WR is looking much better - the young guys are improving
    We have enough talent at LB to field 3 teams
    Boom Herron can tote the rock - runs strong and falls forward
    Bauserman has a rocket attached to his body
    The staff kept Saine under wraps - had to be on purpose; probably not to show too much
    Our DBs can be physical & hit - did you see Herron's helmit get knocked off!
    We have more speed on the field and seem to be recruiting faster guys
    Bauserman has a rocket attached to his body

    I think after seeing the improvement in Bauserman and his maturity in the pcoket he could be #2 QB in the fall. He was patient, showed he could run a little if need be and made some good throws. He has a lively arm and can make any throw out there.

    I'm not in love with TB at QB, but with all the talent around him on this team he just needs to be medicore and not make mistakes. If he does this and makes a few plays each game there is no team we can't beat. I think there is much more in the playbook with Saine than we have seen and the staff will keep it to themselves. I bet we see some real packages in LA when we need to keep a star studded defense guessing to be effective.

    his has the makings of a great team - only time will tell.
  12. So Fish-N-Fool, how is Bauserman's arm?:D:D

    I did see the rope he threw for 60+ yards for the TD. That was a nice toss.
  13. If TB can just take on a similar role to that of Krenzel...the Bucks should roll their schedule this year. Barring disastrous injuries of course..but boy oh boy...I saw Beanie while I was in C-bus last week..and let's just say I wouldn't want to even ATTEMPT to tackle that guy...oh my God.
  14. Krenzel had a great sense of the game and what the safe play was. When he missed on passes he missed on the safe side. That is what TB has not learned to do. If he can do that I would put him in Krenzel's category. In fact if he can do that I would put him above Krenzel. I believe TB has a better arm than Krenzel did which gives him the potential to make passes that Krenzel did not make.
  15. Terry is gonna be the third option at fullback behind both Lukens and Olson.

    It can be argued that this is the most talented roster Ohio State has ever had from top to bottom, the depth is insane at virtually every position , the only weakness may be at DT.

    If your not willing to accept my claim that this may be the most talented roster from top to bottom that Ohio State has ever seen....Add Justin Boren, the 09 recruiting class which will be a top 10 class and the roster is gonna be scary, especially if Beanie Stays on for his senior season.