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  1. i'm still a bucks fan but what's up with all the penalties!
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    Don't know but it's going to cost them a national championship. Roughing the kicker just killed us.

  3. How many personal fouls have there been? I've lost count...LOL!
  4. I'm glad that someone dedicated an entire thread to this...

    PATHETIC, in a word. I mean, 6 penalties at 5 yards a pop sucks let alone 15 yd chunks.
  5. Well, To All The Guys That Said The Word " Squeelers", Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha,,,,, Its A Good Thing The Chestnuts Didnt Have To Play Wvu.
  6. osu LOST the game, lsu didn't WIN it...

    c'mon, we had more yards...BUT....less time of possesion, turnovers and ignorant penalties....and lots of them. that's what pisses me off the most, the fact that their bonehead mistakes(i don't consider it a mistake when you do it intentionally) cost the game. Roughing the kicker is a BS penalty any ways... If they would have blocked it and hit the kicker then it's okay, but they missed and hit him and you get a penalty...
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    Let it go!! WVU won and that was a great game, I'd love to see them beat the pants off Georgia once again:D Tired of hearing about how tuff Georgia is after beating Hawaii:confused:

    Sorry about your Squeelers.........NOT:D
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    Obviously a case of BCS envy... ;)
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    you're probably right!
    i'd imagine they were pretty darn mad after they got their panties pulled down and their bottoms spanked by pitt!!!:D :D :D
  10. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Like I said when everyone thought WVU was going to the tiltle game...enjoy your title shot that comes along once every 20 years!

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    LSU did win it. The mistakes are created by OSU getting desperate. LSU forced OSU to get desperate.

    Roughing the kicker is a penalty put in place to protect the kicker. Just imagine how many kickers would be seriously injured if there was no rule to protect them. Think about how it would feel to get hit by a truck with one leg on the ground and the other pointing to the sky.
  12. Yeah, I hope Bottombouncer was not serious about the roughing the kicker being a BS penalty. Otherwise I would have to question whether he knew much about the sport.:D You would be carrying a lot of kickers off on stretchers if you did away with the roughing call. It would not be a pretty sight trying to kick when you were getting buried.

    The Buckeye player got there in plenty of time but simply took the wrong angle. It would have been a great momentum changing play but I thought at the time that OSU would have been fine with getting the ball at their 20 and going to work from there. I would have much rather seen them returning on that situation than going after it. There was just way too much to risk losing with that penalty. The risk of that is always there when you go after a block because there is always a chance the ball makes it past the defender.
  13. THEY ARE PLAYING FOOTBALL FOR CHRIST SAKES...YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO HIT THEM?????????? YOU'RE ALLOWED TO BLOCK THE KICK AREN'T YOU? The guy was layed out reaching for the ball, not like he was tackling the kicker. Seriously, the kicker has one leg up in the air...barely bumping him, or anyone for that matter with one leg in the air, will knock 'em over.

    How is it okay to hit him as long as you blocked the kick?
  14. That will take away the free shots on the punter.

    This is not the only attempt in the rule book to protect a player. You have clipping, chop block, late hit, roughing the passer, spearing, leg whipping, hands to the face, facemask, etc. As you can see there are several rules that try to maintain the integrity (and more importantly the safety) of the game.

    I am a Buckeye fan and I hate it that the Bucks got that penalty but I will never try to justify it by saying it should have been allowed.
  15. I have to agree with BottomBouncer. That is a ridiculous penalty, especially since the guy was layed out for the ball and very, very, very close to blocking it. It's not because I'm a Buckeyes fan, I feel the same way for all teams.
  16. I agree with all of those, except roughing the passer.

    It goes with the kicker penalty and the refs should use much better judgement.

    When you're running as fast as possible to hit someone it is next to impossible to simply stop.

    To me it is very clear when it is roughing the passer/kicker/or late hit.

    That brings up another penalty that WASN'T called on lsu(among many) was when Todd was tackled by his head. The guy literally clothes-lined him and took him down by the head. It wasn't just face mask...he had his whole head!!! Anyone else see that one? I think that may have been when Todd fumbled, can't say for sure?
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    when i saw that it,the first thing that came out of my mouth can't be typed here:D
    i couldn't believe the guy went straight at the kicker that way.and i can't believe anyone else who saw it can deny it was clear cut roughing :confused:
    for those who are still in denial,here's a litte c/p from a ncaa official's clarification of "roughing the kicker" rule.
  18. So, I guess they should stop trying to block kicks? Seriously, timing that exactly right to get the ball as it comes off his foot??? Give it a try sometime...

    Following through isn't the act of kicking. The ball leaves the foot in an instant...otherwise it would go straight up in the air. Once contact is made everything is fair game. If he managed to get hit before or while swinging for the ball....then he's too slow and they need to find a replacement.

    I guarantee if he had blocked it there would have been no penalty...I've never seen that happen.
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    Timing is something that they coach these players. There is a ton of timing involed in the game.

    Maybe he is not too slow. Maybe some one missed a block. Maybe it was a high snap and threw off his, dare I say, timing.

    You are right, if the ball was touched by the defender it would not have been a penalty. Same as a tipped pass. No interference calls on a tipped pass.

    The outcome of the game did not come down to that penalty anyways, it was over before that.
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    your logic never ceases to amaze me:rolleyes:
    what part of the following quote from the previous post don't you understand?:confused: