Osprey Lake

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  1. Hello all i was out this past friday with the wife killing time until the kids got home from school.. so we decided to goto Osprey Lake out off of 665 Near Trapper Johns.. Anyway not a thing going on although there was alot of water activity with fish jumping but not one single fish landed.... Whats up with that place... I have been there at night even and have never caught a fish... For a Place thats Now run by the Darby Creek Parks.. its not a very good spot... My question is to anyone who has ever been there did u have any luck
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    Fished there for about 4 hours one day about a month ago. Caught a couple of small blue gill. That was it.. Saw a lot of fish jumping as well when i was there.Used to be a pay lake many years ago. Not sure if they intend on stocking the lake or what.