Osprey Confirmation from the DNR

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    Hey gang,

    Thought I would post the 2 emails I received here. One was from an OGF member asking me if I could contact someone to identify a bird they they had seen at Salt Fork State Park. THey CC'd me the answer. For you bird watchers, you might want to take a trip to Salt Fork to check this out :) :

    1st Email Sent to Me:

    Hello, I have a bird question -- I hope you can answer this or direct it
    towards the proper place.
    I visited Salt Fork today and noticed a bird on it's nest atop a wooden pole.
    This is located on the right side in the water right after you enter the park
    from 22. My father and I both viewed it with binoculars and believe it might
    be an osprey. Could you please confirm this or let me know the correct bird

    Response from DNR:

    Your request for a bird identification has been forwarded to me for response. The bird that you saw on the nest at Salt Fork is an osprey. It is one of two nests on the area. The other one is located on the South side of US 22 to the East of the Park Entrance. If you pass the park entrance and continue East on US 22, you will pass over the lake bridge just before getting to ODNR road 58 look to the right and you will see another nesting structure on a pole with a nest on it.
    These osprey nests are the result of the osprey hacking project that was conducted on Salt Fork several years ago. The nest you saw is a new nest this year. We hope that there will be more in the years to come.
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    A little bit of a warning about Osprey, when it comes to their nest they ain't afraid of humans.

    I use to fish on rock outcrops in Tall Timbers Md where they had a ton of Osprey nests on posts. Use to hit this in the spring when the blue fish ran up the Potomac to spawn (awesome fight on freshwater tackle). Anyways, you always had to keep an out eye out for the Osprey, if they thought you were too close for comfort, they would swoop down at you, when they did this, you better just move on at a quick to moderate pace.

    I don't know what would happen if you tried to hold your ground, I never cared to find out, those birds have some sharp claws, they are great to watch fish though.

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    I'll second that Sean...i grew up in MD on the Ches Bay....every darn channel marker had a osprey nest on top. Never had one attack me but they are beautiful birds...i even think they rival the bald eagle as far as that goes. i used to love to watch them fish...i have seen them pick up 8lb Blues like they were nothing...if you watch you can see...when they pick up a fish, they cock back one leg behind the other so the fish is..nose into the wind...to cut down on wind resistance.

    Also light tackle bluefish is the best !!!!!:D

  4. There are nesting osprey at Nimisila and Long Lake. I've seen one fishing Miller and East Res. as well. I know they hold them at the Dist 3 offices (nest boxes) until they're ready for release. They're neat birds and really cool to watch when they go after a fish.

    Unless it's teh bass or crappie I'm fishing for!

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    My son video taped the one at the District 3 Offices a few years back> He was then 15 and was aloud to fish the ponds there. The ranger in charge and hime spent 2 days video taping this osprey fishing in these stocked ponds. He even got the bird having it's way with a 2+ lb bass if snatched out of the ponds.
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    I've also seen Osprey at Piedmont as of last year...Had a big ol' fish in its talons!