Osp 1/11

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  1. SLOW was the word for today... Only about 15 fish, 3 or 4 keepers, all gills. Still had a ball. Saw an eagle fly over us while calling into the radio show. Shot a little video, got a few fish on tape, but not sure if it'll make the air... We'll see.

    It was fun. Saw a few OGFers out there too.
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    Me anf junkyardbass ended up with about 9 keepers but nothing huge

  3. Big Daddy amen to the word slow. My buddy and I out at OSP from about 2:30 till 6:30pm, I only managed 3 dinks my buddy had 25 only three keepers. Oh well first time out still had fun!
  4. fished over by the boat ramps at OSP with Big Al for about an 1 1/2, got about 10 gills and 2 that were 8+in. Good to get out and see that Vex light up! COME ON ERIE!
  5. How deep was the snow out there guys.....Jim.....
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  6. There was 4-5 inches of snow on the ice in spots and 5-6 inches of ice underneath. Take a snow shovel with you and clear a spot for the shanty.
  7. It was nice meeting you Big Daddy. We didn't fair so well and moved to waters a little closer to home. Check out my other post for my report.