Oshay Largemouth Ambush!!

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  1. Took dad out for some crappies action Sunday evening,we caught a nice mess of the usual Oshay crappies! But while we were fishing for the crappies i kept noticing splashes a little ways from us in a little cove. Told dad looks like white bass busting shad lets go see. Pull up there and water was erupting all over shad flying out of water trying to save there lives. We pitched jigs in and after couple cast got hook ups,not white bass but a massive school of largemouths i am talking a 20-30 yard area of nothing but shad and bass going crazy:) Well i had a vibee on another pole and cast it out and started burning it under surface and about had pole yanked out of my hands. It was on for the next hour we boated 30 largemouth and probably lost another 10 fish to jumping off hooks. My dad had never seen anything like it before and was having a blast. Took a couple pictures real quick but said heck with that lets keep catching while they are busy. It was unreal. My dad had a double on a vibee both about 15" one got off before we could get it in for picture. Was a memorable evening to say the least. And the crappies were fun to. :D Most bass were 14-16" with 2 that would go maybe 18" and one lunker that dad had on that was 5 pounds easy. most 1 1/2 to 2 pounds. Chrome and blue vibee 3/16th ounce burned under surface with a quick pause every now and then was ticket. Cannot count the double headers we had just plain crazy!!:)
  2. Sounds fun! glad you and your dad had a good time!

  3. Figures.... evening bite..... Wish they would of come up like that yesterday morning.... Nice Job!!
  4. I'll have to try a vibee! It seems this late summer, early fall weather has turned these Bass on. I've been getting a lot but you hit the jackpot! Sincerely,
  5. :) Vibee has been working well on bass and saugeyes lately. Bass have been feeding heavy more like late fall.
  6. Great Job! I love it when you get surprised like that. It doesn't seem to happen very often. I'm glad you got to share it with your dad.

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    WoW SLIM! Sounds like a awesome trip with your dad!
  8. Fishslim,
    As usual you're on the water killing the fish, but to have your Dad with you....Priceless!!! Great job!! Wish we were there too!;)
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    Hey fishslim was there any current in the resevoir at all or has the water completely settled down?


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    No current Monday and none today:D :D :D Plenty of Shad in the 1 inch range.
  11. Thanks guys was extra special having my dad out there when they lit up. He does not get out to often and never has really fished for bass. He used to walleye and perch on the lake with his dad. Joined the air force and got stationed in Ogden,Utah where i was born and started trout fishing mostly. Hunted alot out there as well. But when he returned back to Ohio never really got back into it. That is till i got older and got a boat and got him back after the saugeyes and crappie. So for him to tangle with some fighters it was a treat! Water was almost erie looking though i thought we were fishing a florida river or lake has a tea stain to it right now.Clarity is great and current is slow. And as mentioned loaded to the hilt with 1 1/2" shad. Stopped at Indian tonight on way home and hit one of my bridge spots guess what?? Perch were there again got 2 but kept mssing them they were short striking jig had on a 1/8th ounce and left all my tackle on boat so i was stuck using it but it worked out got 6 SAUGEYES AS WELL COUPLE 17" 1 20" THIN AS A RAIL!! You know what that means feed is going to start soon and before you know it those skinny fish are going to be nice and fat! Waiting for us to nail them. ;) Oh yeah heard of a saugeye caught yesterday Alum 31" waiting to see picture to verify though Lure of Choice a Vibee!!
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    Looks like the hump at the zoo is still producing! ;)
  13. close but not the hump. It was dead the bass had fish cornered in a small cut in the shore line by bird sanctuary bouys 2-4 foot of water which looked more like pirahna shredding whatever got in there way:D
  14. Fishslim,
    What type, brand is a Vibee fishing lure????:confused:
  15. i hit up oshay this wed. am from about 630-1230, i seen those huge balls of shad everywhere i went, unfortunately there was nothing busting them like you had with those lms....i did manage three bass in the first four hours kinda slow, but then from 1030-1230 i started nailing some crappies on you know....the vibee....and then i switched to a rooster tail and started nailing them even faster prob 25-30 of em, all nice ones 10 inchers(c&r), so that made up for the day!!!!! dont know if they just turned on with tthe heat of the day or if i just stumbled onto the good spot cuz i thought i had been fishing good spots all am.haha
  16. I was there for four hours ending at sunset last night (Wednesday). Ended up with four bass, two on a buzzbait around sunset and two flipping a small worm to grass in the late afternoon. Like Danshady, I saw the shad but no concentrated feeding going on. Ah well...
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