Oshay Fury!!

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  1. Was first trip out on Oshay with boat and boat worked OUTSTANDING! It still catches fish!:) Had son-in-law out couple hours after a few moves found fish and never moved they just get coming like that battery Bunny! Jigs were working chatruese seemed best but many colors worked. Had to take in son-in-law and picked up Sowbelly went back to same spot and started pounding them again with White Crappies showing up closer to dark. What a awesome fishery. This was a preview of things to come for next month and it was a blast. Here is picture of Livewell fish were all 10"-13 1/2" in size we kept. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. misfit

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    nice job guys.things are only gonna get better,and i'm missing out on too much:(

  3. Great job on the slabs !! I have got to quit chasing them Bass and get after something for the fryer!!
  4. Was a good change from all the saugeye chasing i have been doing as well,but i will go after those critters anytime!! get out there they are ready.
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    Alright man.. You've shown me enough..

    I've been waiting on the 1st good report out of Oshay for the crappies...

    I will have the canoe in next weekend. If not sooner.

    Good catch.
  6. Hey perchy sent couple guys out tonight they pulled 40 keepers in couple hours fish are there waiting. Be careful with canoe might tip over or sink from the weight of these crappies.;)
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    I knew it wouldn't be long for you to post some slabs. I might get out on Alum Friday evening or Saturday morning if the weather cooperates.

  8. Was there Sunday afternoon couple hours testing boat out then hit few bays and points. Crappies are staging and in shallows around wood. Saugeyes are all ready cruising shallows got 3 small ones not even trying. Points will light up real soon. Good Fishing!!
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    Always good to get out and when the fishing was as fast and furious as last night you cant beat it with a stick. Thanks again for the trip out and I think for Christmas Ill see if I cant get you a more modern Long pole, hehe. I didn't say anything but I have an old steel fly rod in my trunk too, It's my good luck charm.

    The frenzy wont last long, wait were talkin OShay!!!:D

  10. Watch it now my grandpa's grandpa caught alot of tarpon on that there steel fly rod!!:p Need to repaint it started leaving rust marks on wet floor in boat!:) Glad you got out but that was the wrong lake we need to get on Delaware or were we?;)