O'shay Crappie Today??

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FishingDog, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Has anyone been @ O'shay or Alum today? Just wondering if the crappie are biting anywhere. Also was wondering what time the bait store on Home road opened on Sat & Sun?? Thanks in advance!!;)
  2. I think they open @ 6:30 or 7.

  3. Call em: Scioto Bait & Grocery
    7775 Dublin Road
    (740) 881-4142
  4. dKilla,
    They open @ 7:00 on Sat. and 10:00 on Sun. at this writing. I'm guessing their hours are different during summertime, just the sound in her voice when she gave me their hours makes me believe that. Thanks again for the info!!!:D
  5. Well I went there today, and just about got blown off the lake. the wind wouldn't stop and the fish wouldn't bite. I went everywhere I was told to try with limited success. 1 small crappie, 1 very small eye, and 2 bluegill. Taht was it guys. I think the wind and changing weather was my problem. I used minnows under a bobber and Vibee. Oh well there are more fishing days ahead.:confused:
  6. was oshay muddy or up any....the scioto is down now from the rain last week but still very mussy i figured it would have cleared up a bit by now....the tangy too..i fished the tangy sunday am..not for very long though because it was stained...and fished the scioto below oshay this am and it was very muddy and running pretty good too. not much luck either time though managed two sm today.
  7. It was quite stained, like very dark ice tea. It was my first time there, and combine with the windy conditions we didn't have much success with the fishing. I hope for better things next time.:(
  8. well oshay usually always has a slight stain to it...but for some reason i though it should have cleared up a bit since last weeks rains. does make it a lil harder....caught my smallies to day on a bright white yellow spinner with gold willowleaf blade... no bites on anything else...the usuals anyways!
  9. Went to a "secluded spot" on Alum Creek.. Here is what we came up with...



    Biggest cat was 6lbs.....

    Crappies were all over 14inches...
  10. Fishingdog you said it in your post the wind and weather did you in big time. That was a major front friday night and then the wind was terrible. I stayed home all weekend because of it. Oshay is a great crappie spot but when wind blows north or south strong it is tuff to fish you cannot get out of it to fish lake properly unless you go into twin lakes and hide. Got on lake this evening and after couple days past front fish were getting active again in certain areas. Do not give up on Oshay it will pay off if you try on a better weather day. Big slabs are coming soon;)