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O'Shaughnessy conditions

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by XpressDave, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Anybody know the conditions of O'Shaughnessy? Our club has a tournament there this Saturday (6/27) and I was just wondering if I should pull out the strobe light crankbait!


  3. The water level was fine as of Sunday, which is the last time I was up that way. But it was still very muddy, especially in the north end. There was still an eye-catching amount of water going over the dam, so my guess is that it is fine. CAPT is right, still like choc. milk, good way to put it. Maybe you should roll that strobe light crank in pork grease too, serve up some breakfast. I think Saturday is the 26th though, and I guess the S/T series moved down to Griggs for their Sunday outing so you guys have O'Shaug to yourself. Just warning you so you show up on the right day.

  4. Thanks for the replies! Your right Warpath, Saturday is the 26th..not the first time I've been a little confused! I'll try to serve up a little breakfast and then maybe a little lunch later and hopefully somebody is going to be hungry and be in the neighborhood.