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  1. Hey guys. Stopped by this place on the way home from work on Tuesday with a friend from work. First visit to the bottom of the dam, nice spot. Anyway, there was a young boy fishing off the point on the west side of the river. He had caught 3 carp around 5-10 ppunds each and continue to pull in 5 more over the next hour and a half. (We caught one bass on a spinner) Here is the weird part. This young man was using 4 rods and was keeping the carp on a stringer. I am no expert fisherman, but mama always told me to throw them things back. The kid had a killer spot on the point where the water dropped off in depth and I am sure the cats and carp sat down there waiting on some grub. I asked him what he was fishing with and he was using peanutbutter and oats in a ball. He also said he caught 28 carp the day before and HE TOOK THEM ALL HOME TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO EAT! Found out he was Brazilian. I guess my gripe is:

    1. Four rods in the water is BS. I thought the rule or law was 2?
    2. Carp are fun to catch AND RELEASE but homeboy pulled 35 fun fish out of a nice spot in 2 days which kind of stinks for the rest of us.

    Just thought I would vent and give you a heads up in case you were hoping to hit this spot soon. Probably dry.
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    Your concern is in the right area. Carp are prolific breeders, and non-native. In short, he put no harm in the Scioto's carp population. It is nice to see someone is finally taking advantage of Ohio's carp population. As for the 4rods, that is indeed BS.

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    He should have been using 2 rods. As for taking the carp, its a shame he couldn't catch more. The Scioto is in no shorter of carp and they are a trash species to me. I know some people really like to catch carp, but I'm not one of them, sorry.

    On a brighter note, I'm happy he was putting them to good use and not throwing them on the bank.
  4. Carp were brough over by the europeans as a food source. The US is one of the only countries that doesn't really appreciate the carp.
  5. Did you read that in Field and Stream?

  6. Carp were stocked in the Northeastern part of the US, they were actually stocked in ponds to be harvested as a food source. Prior to technology allowing us (Americans) to harvest from the sea (#1 source currently) we had to depend on inland bodies of water for our fillets. Many people view the carp a consumable food source, just not many americans. They are a blast to catch but I too would prefer walleyes and perch myself. But glad to see someone using them and not wasting them, but legal means should be adhered to. Next time just be polite and explain the rules to him, he may not have known.

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    lol i like the title.:)
  8. carp were intentionally stocked by the early makings of what became the u.s. fish and game commision as a food and sport fish. as much as i like carp i cannot tell someone not to keep them because they are an invasive, however i would have said somthing about the 4 rods. i also agree its a good thing he was eating them and not just making carcasses in our fishing spots.
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    Whining about keeping carp? Does it ever end? Instead of complaining just drive yourself to the upstream side of the dam and catch some of the dozens of crappie the rest of us have been keeping.
  10. Sounds like you'd be a hoot to fish with.:confused:


  11. no, I read it on a couple of websites on-line when I was trying to learn more about carp and fishing for them.