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  1. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    Anybody doing any good?
    Hows the crappies hitting?
    Any saugeye.
    Have to decide oshann or cj?
    Very tough
  2. CDL


    I hit up OShay today from about 6:45-Noon. I had a few bites between 7:15-8:30, but that's it. It was very uncrowded. I didn't see a boat until after 9. I've only fished there a couple of times prior to today, but it looked like the water was VERY low. Judging by the Home Rd. bridge pillars, I'd guess it's 6-7 feet low right now. In some places, it was a good 35-40 yds from the trees to the water line. I'm interested to see what other people have to say. I've only been in the area a few months and OShay is the biggest body of water close to me.