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    Has anyone booked vacations thru a travel agent or anything? I want to find a deal for a trip to Orlando and see Universal.

  2. Be careful - many times you can do it yourself for less than the "discounted" travel packages. My grandfolks live in a retirement community 15 minutes from downtown Disney (Universal is right there too). My wife and I fly down to see them regularly.

    Here's what you need to ask yourself:

    When do you want to go? Prices for hotel accomodations double and triple depending on when you head down.

    Where do you want to stay? If you plan to stay inside one of the park hotels you will spend a lot of money fast.

    Do you want a rental car or are you just staying in the park area? Most hotels even well outside the parks (20-30 minutes) offer shuttles to and from all the parks. You can get to Cocoa Beach over on A1A (Beachfront avenue) and swim in the ocean in an hour and 45 minutes; Daytona Beach and drive the beach in 2 hours; or go west to Tampa Bay in about 2 hours. Lots of others stuff in the area to do.

    I was just down again couple weeks ago for a 3 day weekend to introduce them to their 8 month old GREAT grandson - I stay at a Comfort Inn Suites about 12-15 minutes from the parks exits $65 night - double with fridge and microwave, nice pool & everything; excellent breakfast. There is a parks ticket broker with a shared office in the gas station right there who gets discounted tickets to all the parks. You can buy them ahead of time a number of otehr ways as well. You can get a rental cheap if you fly.

    PM me if you want any help to make a trip on your own - I know the area and can provide you with some insight.

  3. Been there twice in the last 6 years. Once without kids, once with kids. I have two cousins that work at Disney, and my wife and kids were just there in March again. We've stayed at the Disney campground once, and at an outside campground once. Both had their pluses and minuses.

    Buyer beware...there are scams around the outside of the parks as far as lodging and "ticket deals" are concerned.

    Avoid Christmas and Easter weeks. Worst time of the year to go there.
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    Everybody will try to sell you time-share condos. It's like the movie Get Shorty where everyone has a movie idea to pitch.

    If you have a chance to get out of town, check out some of the springs.