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  1. I would like to know how other ogf members organize there fishing tackle rods, and reels. Mainly my problem is with my tackle. I have to much in to many different areas. So if you guys could share on how you keep everything in order with your fishing gear, please do. Pics would be great too.
  2. What I do is this:
    My garage is full of a lot of worthless fishing junk.
    I plan on what fish I want to target for that day and only take those few lures and equipment.
    I hate trying to sort through old hooks etc. when the waves are pounding and a catch is bouncing all over the place.
    Makes life simple.

  3. Oh ! one more thing.
    I have things in the garage sorted alphabetically in those little plastic school box containers.
    (S)inkers, (H)ooks, (P)lastic worms, (L)eaders,etc.
  4. This holds some of my junk

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  5. Roger23 - Now I don't feel so bad about my habit. Thanks!

    ps. Did you make those cabinets? I had some plans for a tackle cabinet and don't know where I put them. Sounds like a good project for next winter...
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    i keep tackle boxes, bags, vests and cases of extra lures and reel cases full of reels, as well as a bag of different spools of line in a closet. my rods are in rod holders and hanging from the joists in the basement as well as in the computer room and next to the gun cabinet in the bedroom. fly rods and reels are cased and in a trappers pack basket. aside from that, there are odds and ends in the garage and in the camper. not sure how i have accumulated so much.
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    I have a room in the back of my house that is just for my hunting and fishing gear. Its like a giant closet, about 10' wide and 25' long. I almost can't walk through it.;)
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    I pretty much have a tackle bag loaded with boxes for each of the different species that I fish for like musky, bass, steelhead, Erie walleye, inland walleye and some others. Some of the boxes of lures will get moved from bag to bag depending on situation but I know exactly where everything is. Most of the boxes are labeled for finding things quick.

  9. This is my setup. Not all of my stuff is in here right now, some is out in the boat and 2 tackle bags full in the garage. But this is fills up really nice when I have all my tackle in here.

    First picture shows the setup and the second pictures go in a little more detail. The small container on the left holds all my line 3 shelves first one is for 6-10lb line second is for 12-17lb and the last one is for 20+ The wooden rod rack is from Cabelas, the metal one next to it is from Bass pro. The final conatiner holds a bunch of misc stuff from extra sinkers, towels, aerators, tools (pliers, nail clippers, etc...) bobbers, boat stuff, etc.. Then some rods are just leaning on the ground as they are too tall to put in the rod holders.

  10. After years of frustration being not able to find crap knowing I just saw it, I got it together to suit my needs.
    I have 2 racks in my garage that hold ALL my fishing stuff. All lures are hung on a pink board (exposed). One rack is for big water & the other is for the smaller bodies of water that have ALL crap. I take what is needed for the trip that i'm planning & as a priority it ALL goes back to its place the day I get back or the next. It save's me from going nuts. I also have made 2 rod racks, that are next to the racks.

    One of my pink boards;

    1 of my racks;
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  11. I keep mine like BigDaddy does.

    Go to Amish Outfitters and pick up some of their bags that can hold like 8 plano boxes and are much cheaper then buying the big tackle bags.

    I use the Bass Pro XPS plastic "Plano" trays for my stick baits. The slots are V shaped and have a lid on both sides. The treble hooks fall into the bottom of the V and I no longer deal with any tangled trebles and each tray will hold about 25 Reef Runners very neatly.
  12. Wow and I thought I had a lot of stuff. thx.