Ordered a new Flathead Reel

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by catfish_hunter, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Thought I would order a new flathead reel and am trying an Okuma. it is a CL300L I got it for about the going rate and I was just wondering if anyone else has ever used these reels and if you like them or not...I will be useing it excluseively for flatheads it has a pretty good line capacity 25/310
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    You'll hear a mixed bag, some folks say there okay while others hate them. I dont know personally, as I've triied a few Penn that were decent but now I stick w/ Abu's usually in the 6000-7000 size range. If I remember some folks on the BOC that have them talk about wishing they were smoother,but still most have said that if you can get one for $30 or under that they are worth the money. Shoot, if you dont like it you can sell it on EBay as I've seen the used ones sell on there for the same price as the new ones.

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    Don't know about that model, but the spinning reels I have are great.
  4. I bought a okuma spinning reel with the baitrunner on it this summer, so far so good. I wanted another shimano baitrunner, but the okuma was less than half the cost of a shimano. I like the larger spool and louder clicker on the okuma.
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    I have a big baitcaster okuma reel and I like it alot. Once I got use to casting it and adjusting it for the weight of the bait I like it even more. It has the line counter on it, which I don't need for cats, but the clicker is very loud. Landed my first 20lber on it a few weeks back. You should be happy with it. they make good reels.