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Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Tall cool one, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Got in a good day w/ the flyrod today. If it was pearl or white w/ flash they wanted it.Also had to be at least 3" to get interest of any decent fish. Don't keep track of #'s but enough fish to get a serious rough patch on my left thumb from lippin' 'em. Biggest Morone(genus) was a true stripe that went 22"(back in the drink) and I kept some nice whiteys that were running to 17"....those were some nice whites! Biggest fish of the day went 15-16 lbs,a fat sheepshead that fought hard for a minute and then rolled over.She was so pregnant it probably hurt.Looked like she was about to pop she was so swollen!
    Fish were busting all over and hits either came as I cast to surface action or,lacking that, fishing deeper. Seems like the bigger fish would just show as a healthy swirl and smaller fish broke top judging by the results I got casting to the two different forms of surface action.
    Had a lil close call too. Was working the bank and did'nt want to walk back around the cove so I walked out across a big log that got really small by the time it got to the far bank of the cove w/ lil branches sticking out all over,thougt I was gonna take a fall trying to make that last 10' w/ stringer in one hand a rod in other but made it!
    Everyone that was out was catching and the water was thick w/ fish,just had to either move or switch to keep 'em interested...that move thing is what almost got me in trouble! TC1
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    creekwalker Moving water...

    Glad to hear they're on again. I'm planning on heading out in the morning to meet up with fellow OGFer Fishing247 for the first time. Looks like the forecasted rain didn't turn out so we should be in good shape tomorrow. Thanks for the tips on location and lure size.

    I'll probably take the yak again tomorrow, but don't know if I'll use it since Fishing247 will also be on the bank.


  3. thanks for the report tc1.

    i look forward to meeting you tomorrow creekwalker.