OR 1st timer,advice?

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Tall cool one, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Tall cool one

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    Hey guys,gonna hit the OR Mon w/ my buddy AJ in his Lund(finally talked him into taking his lk erie walleye boat on the river).It'll be our 1st time out and we're looking to target whites/hybrids,sauger/saugeye and smallies,probably using artificials. Any insight on what types of water,structure and depth we should be fishing this time of year? Bcz it's closest we'll likely fish either meldahl or greenup but we're open to recommendations as well any other input or advice ya'll could offer,thanks,TC1
  2. TeamPlaker

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    I hit it this morning, no hybrids were biting were I was at. Caught a bunch of White Bass, Smallmouth, and Spotted though. Fish were biting right on the shoreline at creek mouths, hitting large white roostertail.
    Good luck!

  3. Don't limit yourself to the dam, the creek mouths and any good rock banks should be holding Ky bass and possibly wb and hybrids.
  4. snake69

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    Can't answer any of those questions unfortunately, but hit the river farther north today, New Cumberland Dam in fact and just smashed them. Seen 5 or 6 limits of sauger caught and many, many walleye caught, all just under the limit....not quite 18". Fishing from the dam, that is. Took my boat down 2 weeks ago and did quite poorly. Last week,fished from the dam too and killed em then too! Good luck.......