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  1. I have a 16.5 Lowe DeepV with a 50 Merc on it. I am looking for some options to slowing my speed while trolling. I have a bow mount trolling motor. I dont have the funds to invest in a kicker at this time. I can get my outboard down to about 1.7-2.0 but need to get slower at time. What are some other options for getting my speed down?
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    Amish Outfitters trolling bags. I used 2 18" bags to troll lake Erie on my 19.5' Monark. I think you can get 15" bags from them also. You can find them on here. Heavy duty material and only about $65.00. I will be buying 2 more from them shortly for my new boat.

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  3. You have a bow mount, put it in the water when you are trolling, the resistence will slow you down. Drill some 1/4" holes in the bottom of a five gallon bucket, remove metal handle, drill two holes where handle was, add strong rope. Put a bucket on port and starboard, will make steering easier, or just put one on bow eye. Cost, near zero.
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    I use those tricks that John mentioned and they work great!

  5. John,
    How much leader(rope) do you use when hanging them off the side of your boat?
  6. Check Cabela's and other sources for two small/medium, heavy duty, drift socks. They usually have some on sale. You should be able to find a pair for around $40 -$50 or so. Rig them off your front cleats so they stay in the water at trolling speed, and are not able to foul the prop on your outboard. If you rig the rear of the bag with a "dump line" you can quickly pull the bags to move to a new location or to net a fish etc. You'll also be able to use them to control drift speed, so you get some extra value out of the investment. They are an essential tool for boat control and well worth the investment.
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    I have been using my elec bow mount trolling motor for years.In fact I've went to a wireless unit ,that I love to use. I troll for eye and striper here and in Tennessee.And elec is still a lot cheaper than gas even at $1.60 a gallon. I troll on one battery for three or four before switching over.
  9. I would definately go with the buckets or drift socks if your budget will allow. The buckets are a GREAT idea!!! -and the price is even better! :B
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    The downside to the bag out the back is loss of steering. The bag keeps wanting to pull you back straight, and it can get in the way landing fish. Go with the 2 on the sides, buckets or bags. They make the troll smoother also, as the boat doesn't pitch and roll as much due to the resistance.
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    I would go with two 22 inch bags, (amish outfitters) this should knock you down to a crawl if you need to go faster bump the throttle or pull the bags, if your going to be spinner fishing with boards and bouncers you need to get down to around .8-1.2 expecially in April/May.
  12. Before you drill 4 holes in that Merc, I'd recommend trying two trolling bags as discussed above. Heck you need one to drift fish anyhow. I personally have two sturdy blue Cabelas brand drift socks tied to front and rear cleat on each side and I can slow down to a crawl on my new rig. I had one large Cabelas drift sock for drifting, so I bought a second. Dedicated trolling bags are probably better!

    I disliked the trolling plate on my 16'er with 40 merc because I often had trouble locking the plate in the down position, it slowed me down too much with my 40 Merc (needed to trim stock off to fine tune), and lost too much steering control. Out of sight, I often forgot and blew another pricy shear pin (long reach on Erie!). Others have mastered the trimming and speed issues where I never gave it my best and also I fa cup alot.

    Properly rigged, the trolling bags seem rather easy to use (I leave tied to cleats and simply pull into boat or toss out), but do get my hands wet. The 90 optimax on my new FM175 will never see a drill hole. Bags will hold me for year or so until i get a kicker.

    One last thing, after trolling around in my 16'er for a couple years at 2.5 mph and catching darn few walleye on erie until July, follow the advice of these OGF'ers on speed; they are right on the money about speed and most everything else!
  13. I"m opting for the bags, I dont want to drill into my Merc. With my 40hsp i can get down to 1.3-1.5 with my bow mount in the water if need be. Thanks for all the great advice.