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  1. was going to change to a dual battery system but thinking of staying with 1 GOOD one...the optima is $200...are they worth it or should i get 2 batteries and a switch???done alot of research and still dont have an answer...thanks
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    i have one and can use my electric all day, with plenty of juice left. seems to charge up faster also.

  3. worth every Penny...

    We have 3 on ours... and 2 101lbs.. can troll lake erie ALL DAY..

    our olde boat the batteries would putter out in 4 to 5 hours.... and charge all night ready to roll the next dAY!!!!

  4. battery i have now autozone...500 cca
    625 mca...$49.99
    optima 600 cca
    800 mca...$199.99
    autozone duralast gold marine starting/deep cycle
    800 cca
    1000 mca....$69.99
    thinking ill go with 2 of the later and run parralel....????
  5. Haven't tried the blue top yet.. When I replace my battery I'm sure I will. I have the yellow top deep cycle in my truck and have never had an issue. It's been in at least 2 years now and still going strong. I do volunteer work and run a full police style light bar along with other various warning lights. Alternator has a hard time keeping up with all the lights running but the battery has never failed me!! The only time the truck wouldn't start was after leaving it parked with my scanner and 2 13led clearance lights on for 4 days.... still cranked over but not quite enough to fire it up.
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    If you are going to use the batteries for deep cycle use only, try to get one that only says deep cycle instead of a combination deep cycle/starting battery - they will last longer.