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  1. A Buddy of mine is looking into buying a Sea Boss Boat from a Local Boat Dealer. We have never heard of Sea Boss before. What are your opinions on sea Boss Boats??? He is looking in to getting the 2007 190 Center Console. Also, do you know what the Hull is made out of?

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Thanks, What do you make up out of these Guys opinions??????
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    Hey Big Boy,
    Good to see your post. Haven't heard from you in a while.
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  4. I had a 1996 18' Center Console Seapro that i just sold.... wanted to buy a bass boat. I never had any probems at all with that boat! Use to fish Erie alot and the boat took anything the lake threw at me. Is it a Whaler.... no .... but it doesn't cost nearly as much as one either. You can buy a Lund or something of the same type (but less expensive) and you understand that you don't have a Lund (or the resale).
    As far as fittings, I never had a problem with mine but didn't put the boat in saltwater either.
    I like buying value boats myself, it allows me to have two or three boats compared to just one. It's hard buying just one boat that serves all purposes!
    Also allows for less hours on just one, which does help with resale!!
    When I bought the bass boat I wanted a Ranger but bought a Blazer instead. They don't advertise nearly as much and they retail for alot less. Is it as nice as a Ranger? (heck no)! but it did allow me to keep a Baha Fisherman at the lake for the walleyes.
    Just my two cents. :)
  5. I've only seen pictures of SeaBoss boats but most seem to be be, for the most part, relatively shallow-like what I've seen referred to as a "bay boat"-something you'd use in calm water for reds or snook. On the other hand, I've seen upclose the Polar CC's and they are NOT shallow boats. I didn't see in your post where he plans to use it-if in "bays", I have no real opinion. If on Erie-or the open ocean-look at the Polars or similar brand!
  6. He plans to use it in lake erie and possibly in the Gulf of Mexico.
  7. CJ makes a good point --- they are usually considered bay boats. My 18' could handle 7' seas (if ran slow) because it was self bailing but you will get a wet ride even in 3-4's. Bay boats are made to run shallow but can still get you back if something blows in.
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    Read the link Bass posted, and copy and pasted this comment from the thread:

    Moral of the story the quality of your boat doesn't make you a better fisherman:)......unless that is of course you have 3D Side imaging sonar. Then in that case you're just cheating.... :D :D ;)
  9. After consideration, He is now looking at a 18CC seaswirl. He wanted to know what you guys thought about it.