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  1. I need a new baitcaster reel and need it to be decent quality but affordable. I see Dicks sporting goods has an Okuma reel that retails for $80 but is 50% off for $40. Does anyone know if this reel is really worth 80 or are yo just getting a 40 dollar reel. Thank you for the opinions
  2. imo
    I just bought an okuma spinning reel and it has worked very well thus far.
    Im thinking that okumas are pretty well made but they are not really worth what the retail price says. I think they are a quality product though for what they cost. I think the cost stays down due to where they are manufactured.
    So its probably comparable to a 50 or 60 dollar reel made in america.

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    Where are you at? I might have something you're interested in. The woman bought me a Shimano Curado for $120 a year or two ago, and I haven't figured out my cheap one yet. This one has never been strung, let alone out of the box. I'd let it go for $90....are ya interested? If not, well no big deal. I keep saying I'll learn to use it, but I strictly walleye fish, and ain't much use for it in that respect.
  4. Thank you for the offer but I live in the Dayton area
  5. I have a few okuma spinning reels and love them. I ve always wondered about there baitcasters so if anyone has ever used one or has one please post to let us all know how they are.
  6. Yea I have a spinning reel from okuma also. Just wondering about the baitcaster.
  7. IMO, I'd save a little more and go with either Shimano, or Abu Garcia Revo S series baitcaster. From what you posted, sounds like a $40.00 reel.:B
  8. There is a reason why many of us head to our local fishing/hunting shops when we're in the market for new equipment. The mega marts and big box stores can't give you the expert advice, and the mail order yahoos can't put a reel in your hand to see if it feels comfortable. Or turn the crank to see if it is as smooth as silk.

    Head to your local shop and get advice, field test the reels and get exactly what you want.

    In the Cleveland area, I prefer the well-stocked Rodmaker's Shoppe, or places such as Erie Outfitters. Their prices are just as low as the big boys.

    And remember, if you buy a big box brand name reel, you won't be able to have it fixed should it break. There are no parts available for their house brand reels, no matter which questionable company made the reel.

    You should have a quality shop, or two in the Dayton area.
  9. Well guys I went ahead and purchased the Okuma Bait caster. So far my impression is its worth $40. I also have a pfluger that seems much superior to the okuma.
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    Anyone know of a desent shop around youngstown (or as close as possible im willing to drive). I just got into fishing last year and most my gear is dicks and wally world specials. You guys r probibly right, would be better to find a good shop.
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    Before I chime in with my 2 cents, what model of reel are we talking about?