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  1. We just got our new site up and to anyone who had seen the original I would like to know what you think of the new site compared to the original. www.coleoutdoors.com Thanks
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    cool site. Trent Cole had a heck of year last year too for the Eagles.

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    ... good site load time, no one waits for anything in this day and age especially on the internet. I also like that you keep the layout the same on all the links - makes navigation easier, simple and easy is the golden rule on the internet (think google). I initally thought it was an outdoor retail goods type site but after clicking around a bit i figured it out - you may want to consider modifying your site name or homepage text to make it clear what your site is about to hold the viewers attention.
    Instead of the "welcome" text paragraph on the homepage I would suggest having your homepage have a large random "action" pic from your gallery (for the WOW factor- your promoting your video's right?), that is to say you will grab the viewers attention and convey the purpose of your site with the pic's and draw them into reading your welcome text and exploring your site further.
    Only other thing I would add is that "coming soon" (that's what my squeezebox always says 8) will be a turnoff for viewers to return to your site, if it's not ready I wouldn't publish the link on your site when you go live.
    I hope this was helpfull, and good luck in your new venture!
  4. Thanks for the opinions and ideas. It is by far different today from yesterday even. Due to someone jumping the gun we have been running around crazy trying to make it more presentable. Thanks again
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    I had the pleasure of meeting a few of your guys at the Turkey Expo. Nice fellows.
  6. I wish I would have hung around the booth the whole time so I could have met more people. I could only stand it so long in there though....haha & of us in it got awful crowded.