Opinions: How big is a "keeper" 'eye?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by nomore3putts, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. nomore3putts

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    Just curious, what the consensus is... 18" maybe? :confused:
  2. DaleM

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    Most say a 16" fish is a good keeper.

  3. misfit

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    just my personal opinion.if you're talking saugeye,it's all in the eye(no pun intended) ;)of the beholder.
    my "ideal" keeper would be min. 16 inches.but depending on the average size caught,and what year class is most abundent in a particular body of water,it will vary.the contents of my freezer may come into play also ;)
    on some waters,if i'm catching mostly small fish(15" and under)and there are plenty of them,with very few larger ones,i'll lower my expectations to 14" if i'm looking for a meal,due to my limited time on the water.but i won't keep only a fish or two that size on one trip.4-6 yes.
    again,this is only in certain situations and waters,depending on available fish.i would much rather string 16-20 inch fish,if the numbers are there,and leave the smaller ones alone.
    some people set their minimum at 12"(or even lower :rolleyes: )and some prefer to only keep larger fish(18"+).
    personally,i would like to see a min. size of at least 15" instituted,which would make for larger pops. of better fish,but i don't see that happening in the near future.
    if you're talking walleyes,i only fish erie for them occasionally,and i'll stick with the min. regs,but cull the smaller ones if the opportunity arises.it's a long,not so cheap trip there,so i'll settle for what i can get(legally).

    i like dales answer better :D
    short and sweet ;)
  4. Pharley

    Pharley Hook 'Em

    Nothing less than 18" in the spring
    Nothing less than 20" in the fall.

    This is how I fish for the eyes. Although the fish are put there by the DNR for people to catch and eat, I personally think that people taking 12-16" eyes are taking them too small. But then again, I prolly have a different outlook on why I fish vs. other people. I'd rather catch 1- 26" saugeye than 10- 16" saugeyes.
  5. I would say a good 15 incher would be my rule of thumb, but i guess that the class and the body of water and alot could go into the consideration also. But i usually keep the 15 inch range i would say. good question though. I would like to hear from better eye fisherman than me on this one.........Tony
  6. 16" minimum for me. my folks are both in their eighties and one 16"er will feed them. for me i need at lest 4 of them at that size. i keep all my fish in a catch basket that way i can release them un harmed if i want to. i haven't kept any fish in almost three month now because i have enough in the freezer. what you keep depends on how hungry you are.
  7. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    I think it depends on where you fish.....I usually fish for eye's below griggs, I dont mean to brag but I rarely get a fish under 16". The majority of them are between 18-21'....with a 24"-27" every once in a while. However I've read about ppl. Catching mostly small eyes....1-2lb range in other bodies of water. I would keep a 18"...If I wanted dinner.... Other wise I would probably toss a 16' back so he could get bigger...Also there are alot of big eye's in below griggs, but there is a science to catching them. The water level dictates where they will hold and feed. If you do start laying in to them one after another note the water level on a specific object near the hole (boulder,tree,etc). Then go to http://waterdata.usgs.gov/oh/nwis/uv/?site_no=03227500
    and record the cfm. Then create a journal:

    *water level 6' below X boulder on south side of plunge pool, cfm 400 = Excellent Fishing*

    Next time the cfm is 400...go down to the same hole, the water level should be 6' below the x boulder, and the fish should be in there....keep in mind that the weather will mess things up a little. However this formula seems to produce 85% of the time....Good luck!
  8. Bassnpro1

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    i keep them if they are 15" or better. But I ony get to fish for saugeyes maybe a couple times a year.
  9. We wont keep anything under 18, unless its a fat 17"er. ;)
  10. nomore3putts

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    Thanks for the great response!! Now I don't feel the least bit guilty about the 20" incher now residing in my stomach... :)
  11. That is a good question. I usually only keep them if they are 15' or bigger. However, I have seen several people keep them from 10' or above. Why would you keep something that small?
  12. ShakeDown

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    16 is my cutoff...then again, I've only kept saugeyes twice in my life.
  13. Pharley

    Pharley Hook 'Em

    Never feel guilty, as long as you are taking fish legally, take what you eat!

    Last year I got into the crappie real good at Delaware, and had 40+ crappie, most 10-11". Guy said something to me, as to make me feel bad about hurting the fish population. What he does not realize, is that I keep 50 crappie per year to eat, no more, no less. So the next 20 times I go out will be C&R only.

    Point is, if you're taking legal fish, have no guilt! We are not going to run out any time soon.
  14. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    maybe i need to rethink my 14 in rule