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  1. going with a 13 foot eagle claw spinning rod w/ a large eagle claw spinning reel, 65 lbs. test power pro line (thinking about getting red ). think that will get me to the 2nd gate at the maldahl dam ?what size and color? thanks for input. hav,ent bought it yet. this out fit including 300 yrds. of line is around 90 bucks at catfihconnection.:D
  2. the size and color is refering to spoons and other good lures to use there. were faverite?

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    I have a 10' rod with a Diawa Emcast Sport 5000 and throwing a 2oz spoon I can hit the third gate with 20# power pro. Look at a lower diameter line for extra distance. Lots of those snags you will get caught up on are unforgiving and with the extra size hooks and line it just becomes a hassle. Your gonna take losses IMO so go with lighter line to get a few extra yards and fish. Absolutely love the reel by the way and for price it is well worth it, and its not too pricey.
  4. I agree, BC, go to lighter line, and that Eagle Claw rod, if it's pure fiberglass, it's going to put your through a work out. As it's been said, a shorter rod, with spoon weight to match, can put you out there with the proper cast. I cast a 12ft. Ugly Stick and Bass Pro glass/graphite composite, and still don't get all the way to the 3rd gate, I attribute it to my lack of casting ability more than anything.
    Longer rod doesn't guarantee a longer cast.
    I don't know anything about the reel, so can't comment.
    Still, if that is the way you go, make the best of it! And again, with the number of snags, breaking 60lb is a lot harder than 20, you can bet back in the water quicker to fish again.
  5. my only thing is i would go with lighter line, easier to break off snags, and the smaller diameter should help with distance.
  6. back to the question of colors. White & silver Spoons and if it's like anywhere else, just choose your colors that match the bait. white and pearl or shad colors. Bunker color Storm Wildeye Shads work well. Just think like a fish!!:D
  7. i ended up getting a 9 ft, berkley cherrywood (mh action, 3-5 oz, lure ) w/ a medium sized quatum. going to try that for starters.
  8. For lures, spoons in white, white/red, and silver are usually the ticket. Some big saltwater topwaters are good too. I like the large Rapala Skitter-pop, Rebel Pop-R and Rebel Torpedo. Also, find some 2 oz. popping corks. Tie a fluke, 3" grub, Storm swim shad about 2-3' behind it.

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    Look on Cabelas and do a product search for "Launchers".
  10. I've been making some decent launchers w/out paying $10 for them.
    I start w/1oz 5" 2pk of floats at BP, run 6" 30lb leader through middle, clip at bottom(weighted end), run green insert back through (I've unclipped the clip and fed leader through the green insert, you have to cut insert off about 1.5", then re-clip the clip on leader) I clip a 2 or 3oz pyramid sinker on clip on bottom, swivel is on top w/eye for attaching line to reel and line to lure, plastic, plug, etc.
    I then pull the leader tight to pull the sinker up to bottom of float real tight, even pulling the clip up into the slot of the float.
    Then tape it off with electric tape, I am going to use bright yellow this year for visibility, the float is white and bright orange, I may switch to safety orange, I'm toying with the idea of attaching a Large J hook on the sinker end of float, just for when the wipers and stripers are hitting it, which they do sometimes.
    I'll try to get a pic of home made launcher posted later, they cost about ?? $3 or so bucks to make.
  11. thanks for input u,all. maybe i,ll see some of u,all down there.
  12. i,ll be the guy that look like grizzly adams.