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Opening My Business

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PoleSnatcher, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone I know it's been a long time but I've been really busy with work and finishing up school.

    I'm planning on opening my own business this Fall selling hunting and fishing gear. My question is does anyone know of any suppliers or wholesalers? The "wholesalers" I find online have the same prices as BPS and Cabelas. I know BPS has a division but the require a brick and mortar store which I will not have immediately. We plan to start our business online and if all goes well open a brick and mortar store. I am looking to specialize in custom arrows.

    Thanks guys,

    and hopefully when I finish school this summer I will have more time to stop in, that is after deer season of course :D
  2. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    You may find it hard to get much better pricing than Bass Pro and Cabelas unless you buy in large quanity and have inventory? I know that years ago I had my dealers FFL license, my dealers "cost" was what Wal-Mart and large retailers were selling the same guns for.

  3. Much involved, much.

    Internet biz with your intent is not generally met with much enthusiasm from wholesalers. Most will avoid you, sorry it is true.

    Unless you have deep pockets, (you might, I have no way to tell) you will have a difficult time at best competing in the tackle market.

    However, don't be afraid, practice Judo...find products tha are not mainstream, have demand and with manufacturers looking from distributoirs and sell them online...if walmart, BPS or Cabelas carries what your looking to sell, your in for a really tough battle BUT again, the internet is a great place to marketv niche items...I did it for about 5 years.

    Sorry, don't ask any more details, I don't have the time to help coach or discuss what specifically I sold.
  4. Whoops, in rereading the last portion of my sounds rude.

    It was not meant to be in the least. Just starting an internet retail is a whole big ball of wax and often responding to someone's inquiry leads to a lot of ???s. I have assisted several people in the past (not OGF) and don't care to any longer...

    Again, no offense was intended and most of all GOOD LUCK!
  5. No offense taken

    I am finishing business school so I have alot of the background and what it takes behind me. I was just scanning to see if anyone knew of some decent wholesalers I could get established with and be able to make some type of profit. I know the potential is there, just look at the ebay stores. There has to be someplace that is able to provide prices so that I could be competitive on arrow and tackle prices. I just bought some arrows from an ebay retailer cut and fletched with blazzers for the price of bare shafts at a big box.