Opening Day Success?

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  1. I figured there would be more posts today with results. So how did everyone do?

    I saw 5 and shot 1 (button buck) in the morning. I heard quite a few shots but only 4 had been checked in at division HQ by 11:30 when I went.
  2. I haven't heard much from today. My dad saw 3 Does today. My cousin saw two bucks (5 pt. and a nice 8 pt.) and 1 Doe. He couldn't get a shot at the 8 pt. My buddy saw 6 Does on the move this morning and thats about it.

    My other buddy did get a big Doe today in Licking County.

    After hearing from everyone I hunt with, it sounds like I really didn't miss much today. I had to work today and all I could think about was the woods. But in hindsight, I guess it was a good thing I didn't burn any vacation time. It is suppose to get nice by the weekend, so hopefully the deer will be moving then.

  3. Hunted Jackson county this morning with dad and brother. My dad and myself seen no deer, but my brother got a nice doe. Going out on some private land in Greene county tomorrow, might just do an afternoon hunt since we just got back.
  4. A nice 6-8 pt buck ran right by me, someone had just spooked it and when it saw me it took off even faster. That is all that I saw
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    i followed the advise of what those 2 threads were saying. i didnt shoot a trophy buck and i didnt shoot a small buck. i did shoot one that still had milk dripping from her lips...mmmmm, mmmmmmmm, good. now im off for another.;)

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  6. Slow is the only word for yesterday, well I guess I could say windy as well. I only saw three (does), My dad saw 8 (3 baskets, 1 monster, and 4 does), brother saw 11 (3 baskets, one which he shot 8 pt, and the rest does) and my dads buddy missed a monster at 9:15, and seen a few more does. All action was over by 10:30 am.
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    My day was a blank! Hunted Wright Patt AFB and there was only one shot all day long and pretty sure that was a miss. The deer are not around. Havent seen a deer in person for over a month and the trail cam has only produced two pictures in the past two weeks; a small doe and a one antlered 3 pt..... I really need to find a place to hunt this weekend to fill a tag!
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    Hunted in Galia Co.

    Nothing like it used to be...
    This six deer thing has anhilated the pop.

    Didn't see a deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. shot a small doe at 3:30 headin out this after noon to fill the other tag
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    Anyone have any suggestions on where to hunt? i am willing to drive. Usually hunt on Wright Patt AFB but this year the deer are elsewhere! Caesars Creek is scary. If there is anyone out there that has extra space, i am not picky, just looking to fill my tag. Does are just fine in my book
  11. Wind and the lack of deer, from last years EHD kill, made for a miserable day here in Wash. Co. too.
    Don't worry though guys, I'm sure the DNR will tell us how the deer kill is up! Just like they did last year, and then change their story later. Must be the same people that run the Presidential elections, also count the deer well, what do you expect. Like everything else it has to do with getting more money, and if they were to tell the truth, just think of all the money they would loose on next years hunting season.
    I'm sure in the next 4 or 6 years the populations will rise back up quickly, barring more disease, but for now, the area and surroundings, where I live, will be more like hunting back in the late to mid 80's. I guess I've just gotten spoiled, being able to know that when deer season comes around that there will be no problem filling a tag.
    Since I was a kid, I've always spent my mornings on the fisrt day counting the gun shots. I can remember coming up with 5 or 6 hundered shots on the first day. The last two years though? Only heard 124 shots during the intire day!
    I'll be back out there tomorrow, hopefully just putt'n in the time for that big roaming buck to cross my path. HE!! I'll take a milker doe at this point!!!!
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    I hear you man...but there are some good public places out there in SW Ohio. After talking to some folks and exploring on my own I have found some nice little "nooks and crannies" out at Caesar's. Look at public land maps on the ODNR page as well.

    Also, you can always go door to door asking farmers to hunt (even though that is a lot easier said than done.)
  13. I am blessed to have access to plenty of private ground in Greene county but I still hunt CC. At certain times during the year it is better than the private lands I hunt. Weekdays during gun season can be fine but I do avoid opening day down there. There is also the wetlands which I have been told can be good as well.
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    Troy, (I think this is you) don't tell them about the Wetlands! :) Definately don't tell 'em about the honey hole you showed me at CC!! haha

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    I hunted in Orwell, (Ashtabula County, NE Ohio) and seen only 2 tails the whole day. The wind played a big factor on Monday. They were sitting real tight. The ones I seen, I bounced out. And there wasn't a lot of guys were I was at. I only seen 6 other hunters all day. And there wasn't a lot of shooting going on. I may go back out Thursday.
  16. Niloz


    Muskingum County. 7:30 a.m. Game Over! :!

    Shot a weird little 8 point. 5 pts on right side and 3 on the left. Nice body size though. Gonna have a european mount made.
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    I hunted in Richland co. opening morning on a private farm that sits on the black fork. Sat till 10am and saw 2 deer about 400 yards away. We drove most of the farm and didn't bump a single deer, definately not characteristic of the farm at all. Hopefully this crap changes soon.
  18. hunted NE Washington at the noble county line near 77 i my self saw 6 does shot the smallest one (put her in the bed of my rhino her head was the only thing touchin the top side of the bed she was small. my cousin saw 9 does (some were the same that i saw) and shot a nice 10 pt. around 3pm while we were settin up a drive. definatly seems like there isn't nearly the nunber of deer as in the past down there.
  19. If you put in the time and know the area you can find some good spots that no one really gets to or know about out there. It's all in knowing the area.
  20. Just got back in from Vinton County with my father. Hunted our property Monday and this morning. Between 12 hours of hunting we saw 14 deer, only three were bucks. One was a nice 10 that pushed 150" that skirted my stand 150 yds out. The other two were a spike and a 2.5 yr old 8 point that came by my father. My father passed on the spike and took the 2.5yr old 8 (aged by biologist). Had a decent rack, but should have been bigger for a 2.5 yr old deer. He called it a "management buck." I call it itchy trigger finger buck. Had a rack out to the ears, but the eye guards and G-2's were not up to par for a deer going on 3 years. The neat thing about this deer was it was shot in the leg the day before (Monday).
    Lots of shots by us. Neighbors must have shot 25-30 shots the first day. I think they were shooting at more than turkey turkey.