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  1. I got this eight point on opening day. We were on our second drive of the day, and it was raining pretty steadily. This buck came out of the woods along with another smaller buck. He was trotting across the field in front of us. When he saw a couple of guys in hunter orange with guns, he decided to switch gears, and picked up the pace. I put the red dot on the boiler room, and pulled the trigger. He never missed a step, and I was starting to wonder if I hit him. He didn't offer another shot as he ran through a small patch of woods, and then jumped a fence and crossed a road. I started thinking, sumbitch, I know I hit him. As he started climbing the incline on the far side of the road (dirt county road), he slowed down, then stopped, and rolled back down the hill and landed in the middle of the road.

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  2. Nice buck. I have to ask do all deer stick their tongue out after being killed or is that something that you hunters do? It seems like every picture has the tongue hanging out.

  3. It usually happens when the deer dies. I try to make a habit of putting it back in the mouth before I take pictures, but it was raining, and I was anxious to get to higher, and drier, ground.
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    what het said,but you'd make funny faces too if someone busted your innards with a chunk of lead:p :p :D

    nice deer,steve.i've seen lots of deer run a good distance when hit right in the ticker.amazing how they still have the energy to do that.shot a doe one year,that ran about 30 yards after i hit her.perfect broadside standing heart shot at short range.there was nothing left of her heart.
  5. Don't make fun of me I'm just a city slicker. :D I don't think it would even have to bust my innards for me to make a funny face.
  6. was juust wondering what that buck weighed ??????? i shoy a 9 pointer yesterday.the rack was,nt that impressive but the good thing is it FIELD DRESSED SOME WHERE BETWEEN 180-185 LBS !!!!!!!!!
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    Nice deer Steve.
  8. nice buck steve, Im sure you were glad to have the red dot scope for a moving deer.
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    That is a nice deer - great planning too - dropped right in the middle of the road so you didn't have to drag him. Gotta remember that for next year!
  10. Ready for Turtle Creek

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  11. Great buck! Hope to see something like that tomorrow.
  12. Nice buck. Gotta love a short drag. Do you cut your own deer ? Looks very clean.
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    lady luck has been watching over you this year. first 2 - 6 pounders 20 minutes before check-in at hawgfest and now a kill shot on a running buck..i guess its better to be lucky than good.:eek:

    just kidding steve, someone has to bust your chops. nice buck. those filets look sweet.
  14. Yes, I butcher my deer. I let it hang at camp for a few days, then skin it and break it down, and put the meat into a cooler. When I get home, I clean up the backstraps and tenderloins (in the picture), and everything else is ground up and made into Hungarian sausage.
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    Any chance some of that Hungarian sausage might find it's way to Turtle Creek? I've had venison summer sausage and trail bologna, but I've never had any made into Hungarian sausage. The tenderloins you did last year were terrific.
  16. I'll make sure and bring some to Turtle Creek.

    Speaking of Turtle Creek. I got a Christmas card from the owner today. I think we might have put them in a higher tax bracket last year.
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    You don't think the card was just due to your rugged good looks?