open water?

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  1. Any one been by Piedmont since the hot weather;) hit? I'm sooo ready!
  2. tcba1987

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    i was there tonight.............theres lots and lots of OPEN WATER !!!

  3. Is it back to full pool where you wont have any trouble getting in at Marina? I would much rather go there than after the stocked Trout.
  4. I was by Saltfork yesterday and it's up to summer pool , no ice and looking good. There was 2 boats launched from the dam area. Wish I was one of them.:)
  5. Lake lavel is almost 6foot above winter pool 913.80 Winter pool 908.00
    Should be no problem launching if it is open water.
  6. DJA


    Was at saltfork on March 15, water was high ( 2" over cement pier at north salem ramp) and very muddy
  7. tom4


    Have they started to put the boat docks in yet at Piedmont. This is what I.m
    waiting for.
  8. How was the fishing at Piedmont? Did you fish below the spillway in the lake?
  9. Tom4 they have not put the docks in yet as of yesterday.
    Water temp. was 38 & a little above summer pool.
  10. feetdown

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    Gator ....If you would stay in the boat instead of splashing around like a crippled SEA LION you would have known it was reading 40* not 38*

  11. I can tell you that Atwood is NOT I went out there today to check it out and the water is REALLY high and the lake is still froze over. They have the 212 ramp blocked off so you can't even get to...allot of flooded areas on the way out there though. If we get all of these forecasted heavy rains in the next few days...there will be some impassable roads headed out that way.