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Open water...

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by steely123, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Well I got a little tired of steelhead (i know, sacriligous)...Drove to a few lakes.

    Mosquito has some good open water south side of causeway, least a mile or so long at least. Little open water off the North side but right under the thruway, not as much as on south side.

    West Branch: frozen still but west side by knapp rd. is showing some signs.

    Did see that West Branch Bait/Tackle is open from 7-7 7 days a week under new ownership...

    Berlin: still frozen but also looking like it may be soon with some warm weather.

    One thing though, with all the snow, should'nt WB or Squito be higher ?...they are pretty low...don't know much about Berlin...

    Anyone scout out Pymy yet ?...

  2. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    Pymi has a little open water under the causeway bridges. Open water from under the PA bridge to about 1/4 mi or less south. Also some open water at the Linesville spillway. I ice fished the north end on Sunday, still plenty of decent ice for walking.

  3. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    any reports from portage?
  4. I probably shouldnt say we need rain because of the amount the south got but if we dont get a couple in. this spring they might stay down till summer. :confused: :confused: :eek:
  5. Im puttin in on some of that "OPEN WATER" on Wed. Hopefully Linda can tell us if its accessable from her dock! WB also has open water off GOOSE ISLAND and ROCKY ROAD and MILTON is half thaw! ;)
  6. Anyone Been To Punderson Or Ladue? Can't Wait To Launch Elctric Motor Lakes.
  7. punderson and ladue are still frozen. they havent been doing good at all at punderson science about 3 weeks ago after that every day was bad. they r doing ok on the crappie at ladue. but nothing big
  8. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    The north end of Nimisila has a good amount of open water Monday evening.
  9. Our Ramp Is Still Iced Over. There Is Still Alot Of Ice On The North Side Of The 88 Causeway. A Small Part Under The Bridge Is All That Is Open On Northside.
    Southside Of Causeway Is Open A Quite A Bit--but It Is Not Accessible From The 88 State Ramp Across The Streeet From Us Either. About 50 Feet Needs To Thaw Yet To Open It Up.
    When It Opens Up, You Can Be Sure To Here From Me. I Can't Wait To See You All Again, It's Been A Long Lonely Winter. (ice Fishing Was Really Bad This Year.)
    We Can't Put In The Docks Till The Last Sheet Of Ice Comes Off The Northend. The Weather Is Suppose To Be Nice This Coming Week, So
    It Shouldn't Be Too Long. Hold Tight--- The Cure For Spring Fever Is Right Around The Corner And The "big Bite" Will Be Here Soon.
    Thanks, Linda

  10. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    West branch is only about three feet below normal Summer pool. These lakes are kept low until the Spring rains come to try to avaid flooding downstream. The flow out of West Branch last week was 34 CFS. Today it is 23 CFS so it looks like they may be starting to hold it back so it can slowly fill up. Don't worry the lakes will be up to normal soon.
  11. Started out at the tail-end of things at 9pm and not a thing. The eyes must not of followed the perch this time. I noticed the dam was thaw and tried it for a half hour. Looked promissing but not the good bite. Figured I would head to 88 and fish for awhile and check on the ice. :eek: GONE! Pretty tough to see out there but the ducks and geese where enjoying it. Looked like that state ramp might be thaw by monday! Waters stained but not muddy. Definatly worth the trip. Hopefully Linda will have some GOOD news!
  12. Hey Jig...
    I am open to some crappie fishing off 88 soon if you want to hook up when they start hitting...
  13. I will have the chance too go out and try it again soon. Well have to wait and see what the weather does. Are you able to fish weekdays or ends? Most of the people I see out there fish at night for them but it dont matter to me on a day or time. The weekends are better at night. Got a great light! :D :eek:
  14. I have heard night is best too... a buddy who has since moved did well every year at night on good friday with his 2 young daughters said you had to get a certain spot though hmnmnm...
    Anyway I am good to go anytime except every other weekend cause I get my kids then and every 3rd fri is no good and every weds no good LMAO
    I am off work for at least another month and then its off to turkey hunt...
  15. A weeknight will work best here also. Maybe we can get the moon to help us! ;) I have been fishin skeeter for only a couple years but I too have a couple holes to hit. Pays to pay attention to the other guy. Them old timers like listening to the ball game. ;) :cool:
    Thursdays a good night!
  16. I am open next weekend anytime...
  17. atrkyhntr...I've got a couple of favorite spots there on 88 I can tell you about...usually treat me pretty well...timing is sometimes utmost however...give me a shout.
  18. Hey Rob...
    My buddy tried to tell me about his then I went out there and it seemed he was talking about somewhere else LOL
  19. I'll give you good directions and descriptions...either that or I will just head out there with you some time and show you.
  20. I may head out this weekend and meet JIG but man I hate fishing a cold rain... brrrrr