open water?

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  1. I have been driving around looking at rivers and streams in Lake County and as far west as Euclid Creek.

    I would say better than 90% of the rivers and streams are frozen. For instance, both above and below Daniel's PArk is frozen, smaller streams I fished in the fall are frozen, long stretches of Chagrin near lost nation and in the valley near route 6 are frozen, etc., etc.

    What is water is open?
  2. freyedknot

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    morley ford on the rocky is open ,and there are some stretches open in the middle if you can get out past the shelf ice. also open water at the avon power plant.

  3. Clayton

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    Do you guys think anything will open up this weekend? We're looking at an incredible, blistering 34*f tomorrow... I've got hope.

    I want to go fishing with my father, preferably wading, but it's our first time... I bet this is a bad, scary time for a first trip wading, huh? :(

    I want to catch steelhead, but we're inexperienced fly fishermen lol. Thought about picking up some of the jigs at gander mtn, you guys seem to have great success with those!

    Help me find somewhere to fish? :( please? I promise I'll release all the fish, and I suck at it too much to fish your honey-hole out lol.
  4. I'm picturing about 50 guys crammed into that Ford this weekend :)
  5. More than 50 arch! When all the water is open there is at least 10-15 there at all daylight hours. I can't imagine what it's gonna be like when that is the only open water within 50 miles.
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    the hole at morley today was quite minimal at best. there were 2 guys fishing it and i did not want to crowd them, and tito only caught 1 .
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    I fished today and while there was some ice I managed 1 fish along a shelf. I would have stayed longer but had to get home. All in all a nice day to be out
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    and the rest will be at the Avon power plant!