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Open water report - WB / Berlin

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by steely123, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. West Branch is looking very close to being ready soon. Hope those 50 degree temps come that they say are coming this Sunday....some rain too...

    Off Knapp Rd. by the gravel boat launch could probably be fished tonight. Other side all the way up Knapp the ice is getting really soft it looks...

    Berlin- bridge off Price St. across from the skydiving club is wide open in both directions but very very low.....15 ft. down at least compared to last two springs....hope it comes up....

    Tried off the bridge at Berlin at dusk with fatheads. No luck on crappie. Too soon ?...


    p.s. Stopped in at WB bait and tackle and met new owner. They are open for biz...
  2. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Steely, When did you go by West Branch?
    I was out there Wednesday afternoon and the Knapp Rd. area is still completely ice covered. The ice is pocked with holes. Hopefully it will be open by this weekend.
    Stopped by the east launch ramp off of Cable Line and there were three guys out on the middle of the lake over 26' of water with their shanties ice fishing!
    I have seen them out there before this past winter in the same spot. They drive a red Ford 150 and a black Ford 4x4. They are always out there together.
    If you guys are on this site...I think you're nuts.:)
    I was hoping to launch the boat this weekend but the way it looks now we may have to wait another week.

  3. West side of Knapp rd. off the gravel boat launch is wide open..fished there Thurs. night and Friday night a little bit...right at bites.....shallow as heck but wide open....I'm up in Mentor right now but if I were betting, I bet the other side is opening also.....with these temps....we'll see what the rain does....

    East side of knapp all the way up to rt.5 still had ice but you could see at the edges it is getting ready to go....

    I've seen the guys who ice fish out there off east ramp...and yes, they are offense just hope they keep safe......steelheading is my winter fix...can almost always find open water except maybe for a few weeks in jan.....

    I'm heading there now (sat. at 4 ish) so we'll see what it looks like and if they will bite in the rain..

  4. Just went past Berlin and West Branch. Both still have ice around the 14 bridges areas. Main lake side of 14 is 1/2 open or so and the other no wake side along 14 is all open. West Branch is not as opened up yet except on the side where that gravel ramp is along 14.
  5. Reel Man

    Reel Man Member

    Bill how long before you launch your boat at Berlin?
  6. Fishing was great Wednesday and just as well Saturday.
    We all caught fish. Except you!!

    Red & Black Ford Nuts
  7. Flipp

    Flipp Bass Chaser

    Hey guys Berlin still low. If it is it don't take long for it fill up. I hope rain comes soon get it up.
  8. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    To the Red and Black Ford Nuts...

    Great name. You guys have bigger cahunas than I!
    I was out there Saturday and the lake was still ice locked except by the Knapp Rd. I didn't see the Ford boys out there but you must have been somewhere.
    I threw a few minnows out there half heartedly and caught nothing (again).

    The lake should be open by this weekend. Then it's watch out crappie time!

    Nimi was wide open Saturday with the exception of a few bays. Two old guys in a small boat were on the north end hitting the drop-offs around the sunken island. Looks like they were fishing for walleyes. Didn't see them catch anything.
  9. Berlin still has some ice in the bays. I'll drive by the ramp tonight on the way home at Bonner Rd and see how it looks. Main water along 14 on both sides is clear now but I could see ice in the creeks and a little in bays.