open water chagrin 2-24

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    Hit the chagrin with my pops today from about 1:30-4:00. Parked by the bubble and walked down to the river to find about 2' of ice and snow. It looked like there had to of been a ice dam that clogged it up. Then we went down the road and hit some open water. Pops was the only one to catch one. He went 1-2 and I went 0-1 losing my only fish of the day on shelf ice. Used white and blue spawn sacs. Great color to the water. First time out in several weeks so it was just great to be back standing in the river steelie huntin'. Here is a pic of pop's 16" female.[​IMG]
  2. You did better than we did today Zach. Yesterday and today were terrible. Pymybob and I each went 1 for 2 yesterday on the Chagrin, but we both got the skunk today. I only got one hit in about 3 hours of fishing. The water seemed to be low, but stained.

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    Definetly was pretty low but I thought the color was damn near perfect. Where were you guys fishing at? I didnt see any other fish caught but I did see alot of fisherman.
  4. Zach, we were upstream about as far as the steelies can go.
  5. We were at the Rock Saturday and saw no other fishermen all day. Water was awesome and fish were there. We got 20 fish between 3 of us. Most hit minnows some on spawn,jig maggots, berkley worm white in color. Was great day water had good color.:)