open water can't wait

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  1. I sent in my money for my boat stake permit at mogadore to day $50 for the year.Will be run by dept. of recreation in stead of the water dept.
    Hope everybody has a good yeay out there on the water ,see you soon.
  2. I fished skeeter Tues and as Linda says it might be open in a couple weeks! Just need the north side to open to the ramp! :D ;)

  3. I find it funny that it cost 50 to stake your boat at mogadore when about half of the boats are full of water. I am not complaining though. Last year a buddy of mine caught a 6 1/2 lber right next to a half submerged john boat.
  4. Are you guys sure that you still have to pay for a stake out there. I could of swore that BigDaddy said that this no longer applies to Mogadore.

    He mentioned this last year. Have they changed things?

    Quoted from a post last year.
    "Guys, there is no need for a sticker this year. The City of Akron quit selling them. Also, the boat stakes are free for public use and available on a first-come/first-served basis. I did a news story out there last week, and there are a little less than half of the stakes remaining. You may launch a boat at any launch, the boathouse, Congress Lake Rd, or Lansinger Rd., but the lake is STILL electric only, no gas motors. And, I have it on good word that the watercraft guys have been out there checking boats for safety gear too. So, it's open and free for all to enjoy.

    Hope this clears things up for you.


    I personally wouldnt stake my boat out there, and I sure as heck wouldnt pay for it. They need to fix that light thats been out by the stakes/ramp to. It'd make things a ton easier when coming in at night.
  5. I think they should make Mogadore a state park. Just a small one would do good. Maybe if they fixed it up a little it would justify that whole parking fee deal. :)