open tournaments aug.,sept., oct.

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  1. any upcoming open tournaments in the next couple of months?
  2. Dock Time

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    HawgFest is a must...



    what kind of open tournys are u asking for?
  4. Fish4Fun

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    We will have one at Pleasant Hill lake

    Oct 21 st
  5. i'm looking for bass tournaments, sorry for not being specific. thanks for the replys
  6. Phil Carver

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    We are hosting an open at Alum Creek on October 27th if you are interested .
  7. Norton Bass Circuit "NBC Super Bowl - Open Tournament" @ Portage Lakes September 8 & 9 - $100 first day, $30 second day = BIG PAYOUT! Also Central Basin Bass Club Hospital Charity Tourney at Portage Lakes. I'm not sure of the date or entry fee, but it's usually at the end of October. Call the Rodmakers Shopppe for more info-440-572-0400.
  8. LaDue Bass Series Summer Open Sept.29 and then the Fall Open Oct.7

    N.O.A.A. (open events 100% return the day you fish) Portage Oct.6

    checkout for info -

  9. if anyone needs a non-boater partner foe any of these opens at portage please let me know thanks

  10. Norton's website lists the "Super Bowl" as Qualifier #8, not an Open.
    Might want to give 'em a call if your thinking of fishing.
  11. Central Bassin Bass Clubs Open Tournament is in Oct. at Portage. It's to benefit Metrohealth medical centers children unit. We have averaged about 100 boats the last 2 years. Lots of fun and door prizes. Check out our website for more details.
  12. Better call tomake sure, but I know a couple of teams that are registered to only fish this OPEN!?
  13. Well I imagine if there isn't a full field anyone can pay and fish, there would be a membership fee associated with the entry that's all.
  14. I've heard AWESOME things about the centralbasin event on Portage.

    Most everyone rates it top class and well run.

    Heck- I might even "donate" to their cause this year:eek: At least my entry would benefit the kids and not Culln':p

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    Does anyone know anything about an open coming up out of Ashtabula?
  16. How about starting an Open tournament forum on this site? Everyone lists what they know! Im always looking for a last minute Open!!!
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    I was told by a member of Central Basin that the tourny was Oct14 this year.
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    I just printed out the form for the Central Basin Bass 12th annual benefit tourney and it says Sun. Oct 21 at Portage Lakes :) WB
  19. thanks for all the replies. keep em coming. i agree that there should be a open tournament forum.
  20. There will be a open next weekend at delaware lake. 5 star bass club is the sponsor. Any Questions call 740-225-8969