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open seat on the misfit

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    In the past I’ve offered a seat in my boat to others on the site.several have been out with me,and some have not as of yet.i just wanted to put the invite out again,for anyone interested.
    my reasons are a bit selfish in a way,but at the same time,I do enjoy taking people out who don’t have a boat or just want to hang out on the water and have some fun chasing fish.the selfish part is that as much as I hate to admit it,my health has deteriorated to the point that I find it very difficult,to say the least,to launch my little boat without some assistance:eek:
    my friends and regular fishing pals are not always available when I get the itch to fish,so I don’t get out as much as I’d like.
    I generally fish hoover,but have been known to visit other waters,but because of my health,my trips are now limited to 8 hours or less on most days.and in this heat,I only go out at night and/or early morning.
    I fish mainly for saugeyes,crappies and catfish,but am not prejudiced against other species.
    I’m just a gimpy old geezer with a sense of humor who loves to fish and share what little knowledge I have,as well as learn from others.
    All I ask from anyone who fishes with me,is help with launching/loading the boat,which is a simple task............................. for anyone but me:eek:

    Who knows,you could even have the opportunity to share in one of my notorious “misadventures” which you can some day recollect to your grandkids:D
  2. Grumpy

    Grumpy Certified Old Geezer

    Oh, Oh.........Me...........Pick me.........:D

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD know you're welcome,but i like your boat better.i don't have to do anything but fish when i'm with you:D
  4. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    I would be down for a trip!

  5. I would go anytime! Just PM me one day, I can take a day off or whatever.
  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    anyone interested,shoot me a pm with times/days you're available,and i'll do my best to hook up with you.
    any time from now through fall.
  7. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover

    As a veteran misfit fishing comrade, I'd like to offer up a few suggestions to all you rookies interested in going. ;)

    1. Wear comfortable walking shoes because you never know when you'll get all the way across the lake and ready to put out your worm harnesses, only to have to motor back to the docks and walk all the way back to misfit's truck to get the tub of night crawlers he left in the bed. :p :D

    2. If misfit says he put the drain plug in, check it anyway - oh wait a minute, that rule is for Littleking :rolleyes: :D

    3. Make sure your health/life insurance is paid up. ;)

    ...just kidding Rick!
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    LOL.nothing like the voice of experience:D

    btw,you're not on the list cause i haven't added the extra flotation yet:p :D;)
    but i'll gladly join you on your boat again anytime:D
  9. :p :p call me i will go with u . on my off days. they are wed- thur-fri & sat .e-mail me back i will send u my no.
  10. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover

    Yes, not everyone's boat is equipped for the pleasure of having a 6' 5" 350lb. studmuffin like myself on board.
    You all will just have to make do without the company of the goat. :D
  11. Sign me up IM me and I will send you my cell # Also I have an open seat tonight going to Griggs after work 5-6 ish. I talk to much and have boring stories about racing but odds are you will catch more fish than I do.
  12. fishinking

    fishinking G0 Bucks!

    Well Rick I would love to go, and night fishing is perfect for me, I live 5 mins from Hoover, but i'm a 6'4" 320lb guy myself... I would hate to sink the misfit....
  13. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    :eek:another swollengoat,LOL.
    you two should hit up the wwf as a tag team:D;)
    that would definitely push the max load on my boat.not to mention plow a nice furrow:D
    about double my 250 is about all the poor thing can handle:eek:
  14. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    guess i shoulda posted a weight limit since some people haven't seen my boat,LOL.
    since i weigh in around 250,i can't take anyone who weighs more or we may not get back:eek:;)
  15. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    heh you could probably fit almost 2 of me on your boat without going over!

    /smallish person
  16. Well Misfit, I'd love to tag along with ya sometime but I'm afraid I'm over your weight limit by a couple pounds. (my couple is about 30 lol) Maybe you could just set with me sometime and share your knowledge of Hoover.:D I have vowed to learn that lake as soon as I get my new boat.

    XRACER, Shoot me a pm sometime when you have an open seat on the weekend. I'd love to hang out and hear your racing stories, I have a few myself. Maybe we could even catch a fish in the process. I'm always good for bait or gas or whatever else we could need!!!
  17. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    you're safe then:D
  18. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    blaster,you might just make it under the wire;)
    we won't get top speed,but with me on the back it should equalize the load so we don't have water coming over the bow:D
  19. Hey anytime, Misfit. I'm available most weekends. I love to fish for Crappie, but I'd like to learn to Saugeye fish as well so anytime you got that open seat, give me a shout!!
  20. fishinking

    fishinking G0 Bucks!

    :D i think this is going to give me some motivation to start working out again:D :B :B