"Open seat" fishing

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  1. Why do you offer an open seat?

    How do you screen people?

    Please tell about your experiences.

    Over the last two yrs, I have offered numerior open seats. Out of 11-12 people, there is only one I would not welcome aboard again.

    I have fished with a father/son, an MD, several guys
    25-35. Always had fun. Always,,,,caught fish

  2. ezbite

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    now i know why you didnt call.lol.

    i dont really think theres a screening process, just fish with em once and if its not a good trip, just find someone else.

    it was a good day when we fished.



    thats a good question. i agree with ezbite but for me i havent been able to get anyone in the last 3 or 4 invitations that i sent out for an open seat that i had. there is 1 guy that i have been trying to take my open seat invitation or his open seat but we just havent been able to hook up yet :)
  4. Wannabitawerm

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    Sounds like me, but tomorrow, I get to fish with WalleyeGuy for the first time. We've been trying to hook up for awhile. (Watch, now we'll get skunked!:p)
  5. Gju42486

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    i post on here alot about open seats and really havnt been answered much. I fished with 10-12 people on this site already as well, and there is maybe one "shaky" person out of the group that struck me wrong. Everyone else has been a pleasure to fish with and i always went home knowing more than i did when we left.

    Like they say- always try to fish with people you think are better than you, and thats exactly what i try to do every trip out if possible.
  6. Toxic

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    I haven't asked for an "open seat" as of yet. I thought about it several times though. I have a few fishing buddies that I fish with consistently. I make out a calendar every year with my days that I took off for vacation. I send it out to everyone and it's a first reply basis. So far I Haven't had to have an open enrollment. I am very picky whom I fish with. And I do not trust a whole lot of people. The only OGF'er I fished with so far is George. And it would be a pleasure to fish with him again.
  7. I have taken a few guys out in the columbus area and they are all welcome back in my boat no screening just bring your fishin stick and whatever else ya may think will help. I went out with eyesman and have been invited back so it works both ways been invited by a few others the timing wasnt right.
  8. K gonefishin

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    Ask HET, I think he has fished with 3/4 of Ohio :p . I've asked him about some people and he gave me an honost take on the dudes who he has fished with. I think for the most part everyone will be a good guy to take fishing, I guess a little trust is needed that you'll end up with a good guy to fish with. I haven't fished with a ton of guys but the ones I have where all good guys to fish with and made some great friends in the process that are welcome on my rig anytime if I have an open seat.
  9. ;) for who my friend?!#
  10. Fishpro

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    I'd like to offer open seats every time I went out if I could, but I'm a little nervous about taking out someone I've never met face to face.:rolleyes: Not that I'm afraid for my safety, but I'm not the best conversation starter. I wasn't born with the "gift of gab." I've been a guest on both Shortdrifts, and Ezmarc's boats, and had a great time meeting and fishing with both of them. I also learned an important lesson on being prepared on the lake the day I went out with Marc, as I was way under-dressed for the conditions that day.:( Maybe I need to just try inviting a few poeple on my boat and see what happens.:)
  11. KaGee

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    I have met a few great guys by taking and offering an open seat. An excellent way to broaden the social network.

    As for screening... just look at how they participate here.
  12. Lewzer

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    I've fished with several people on this and the previous site since 2000. Only one I wouldn't go out with again.
    My biggest worry is whether the person is over 18. I always make sure I know their age before we meet.
  13. I started to Offer open seats this year and Offered to Fill some open seats on other boats to make the most of getting out.Hard to screen people really from Text alone.I have had a few guys out already and have been on acouple of other boats.I have had some good guy's so far and have met some really good people and I hope I have been a good guy to fish with also.Being new to Trolling,It has helped alot this year seeing the set up everyone use's.Thanks to all who offered a seat.
  14. That is how I do it also,has worked great so far,might also add everyone that I have taken out from this site so far I would take again!!!!:)
  15. Mac


    I am a boat owner and long time fisherman. Because of the 2003 hatch I got into walleye fishing (was a percher) but didn't take me long to realize trolling was a lot harder then casting in the western basin. I am currently going through a learning process as well as how to rig my boat. Just wanted to say that this site as well as you guys asking to fill an open seat (thanks wallydog) has helped me. I am hoping in the next year or two that I'll be the one asking for someone to fill an open seat on my boat and offering them my expert advice.
  16. Me too!

    Not to hijack the thread, but I wanted to say this as well.

    I am not a radio guy.... menaing I get nervous talking on the marine radio. I would love to tell everyone where I am catching fish and how, but for some reason I will not talk on my radio.

    I have never fished with any one on here, but those of you whom I met....

    you are welcome in my boat anytime.
  17. I have fished with one person from here a few times and we have a blast each time. Unfortnately I had to cancel today, so I hope he had a good time and I let him know I wasn't going to make it.
    As said earlier, look at the person's posts and go from there. As with everything in life I'm sure there are a few bad apples though...
  18. I don't have a boat nor have I filled an open seat, but the guys I have fished the river or Erie ice with from this site have all been first class. Most have become friends after the first time or two fishing together.
    Erie Rebel
    Steelie Hunter
    Hidden Lake
    Holland Bass
    and probably others I have forgotten. I may have just gotten lucky with the guys I have met but I sure would not be too bashful about fishing with about anyone from this site.
  19. snake69

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    So George.....you didn't fish with me because I was a little too "shaky" or....I didn't know more than you? Just razzin' ya man. Look forward to fishin' with ya one day. I'm headin' to Lorain or preferably Geneva this Sunday. It all depends on the weather. It appears that my buddy from down Minerva way is in, so all I'm counting on is the weather!!! Keepin my fingers crossed. Gonna be up there on Sunday? Not too hijack the thread so back to the subject at hand: I've fished with a few folks from here and met quite a few had a great time with all of them....from the Ohio River to lakes to Erie. Both ice fishing and open water, so far, all is good!! No complaints...don't know how they felt about me, but from responses, I'm guessing it's about the same!
  20. Zfish

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    Back when I used to have a boat I fished with a whole lot of OGF people. Cant say I ever had a bad experiance. I know a couple times I got lost (happens often). I was late meeting Misfit for the 1st time and I was late once when meeting Shakedown for a tournament.

    I went fishing with Misfit and Shortdrift once and got really sick on the boat. Although it probably didnt look like it I had a blast. lol

    Bad thing is, is that I'm rarely late to things and I felt really bad about it..

    Met some of my favorite fishing buddies this way.
    Misfit, Toad, Shakedown, Lakeraider, Fishman, CraigFletcher, Desperado, Carpn and just a ton of people.

    Unfortunatly I've never been able to sync up with Doctor, DaleM , Tee and several others. Hopefully now that I'm all moved back things can change

    Actually after I think about it I've met a ton of people off the site. Only ever 1 or 2 even iffy. But I had so many good experiances that it out weighed everything else.