Open Letter To Those That Attend Ohio CAG Carp-In Events

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    Ohio Members,

    I have been confronted by several individuals via emails, telephone and most recently a letter in the mail, all bringing what seems like 1 point to my attention. I am goign to address it openly in public for all to view, and you can take it as you wish. But this is an issue that needs to be dealt with properly, and I feel this is the most fit way to do it.

    The Carp Anglers Group was founded on 4 basic principals:

    Gain acceptance of the carp as an exciting and challenging sportfish.

    Become better carp anglers, assist others and encourage them to join us.

    Treat the carp with respect. Promote the release of trophy-size carp. Encourage others to do the same.

    Most of all: go fishing, share with others, and have fun!

    Lately a few attendees have been "turned off" by all of the "hype" and "talk" of specimin specialists so to say, during the events, and the lack of caring of others while fishing on the bank. I'm not here to play a moderator or "laison" or anything like that. I'm just asking for everyone to be considerate to others during the events, and have an enjoyable session reguardless of size or quantity of fish, or how others perceive the sport. Not everyone can afford euro gear, or chooses to fish with it. THat is not what carping is all about. Carping with CAG in Ohio is about having a great time on the bank, socializing with friends, perhaps making new ones, and sharing your knowledge with others that may not understand your techniques.

    With that said, I have been confronted about changing the Dillon Lake event because there are "no big carp" in there according to these individuals. First off, the DNR concurs that large carp DO exist in Dillon. Test shocking have proven this. CAG in Ohio has been fishing for the past 3 years, and will continue to fish, on lakes around the state of Ohio, reguardless on size or quantity of fish. CAG events in Ohio are designed for 3 things:

    1.) To Promote Carp Fishing in All corners of the state. To allow those who may be visiting the lake to see that groups do actually exist that target carp specifically.
    2.) To Promote The Carp Anglers Group and hopefully set an example with the DNR that will gain acceptance of our group and carp as a sportfish within the Ohio boundaries.
    3.) To Have Fun and Educate others on our sport/techniques.

    The Ohio events were not, are not, and will not be set specifically to target "specimin" fish on a monthly basis. These events will continue to be in all corners of the state, on new bodies of water (Except the following which will continue each season: East Harbor, West Branch, Buckeye Lake, ALum Creek). This will include both shallow and deep lakes, as well as river systems from time to time. The group as a whole that attends the last fish-in of the season each year will have the opportunity to select the schedule for the following season (like we did for the 2004 season). If you want your say in fishing locations, feel free to attend this fish-in/meeting. I strongly advise that locations be picked in high traffic area, or areas where we can attract a lot of visibility from the public. Otherwise, go with the flow and attend what you can/want and keep your comments to yourself on the venues that have been chosen.

    With that said, our next venue will be Dillon Lake State Park August 13-15, 2004. I have posted the information at If you do not have internet access, feel free to contact me at 419-512-6644 and I will give you the information.

    See you on the bank!..............

    Shawn A. Woerlein
    Ohio Chairman, Carp Anglers Group
    cell: 419-512-6644
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