Open Bass Tournaments

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  1. I was just wanting to know if anyone has any info on the open bass tournaments let me know. Thanks
  2. march 29th at Tappan Lake
    april 26th Ohio River - Belpre Ramp

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    Go to my site. Click on Links. And you'll fiind all the information you need regarding open tournaments.

    Oh, and by the way... Good luck.
  4. Jmel


    May 3rd Piedmont lake marina 8-4
  5. Burr oak april 5, lake logan april 19. I will be posting more info on these and our club turneys on the tournament discussion forum before the weekend.
  6. Seneca Lake June 21. Go to also Dillon Sept. 27, same site for info.
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    Birddog37 Guest lists lots of open bass tournaments. It a good site and is updated often.
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