Ooops! She did it again,

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  1. Yep, cowgirl did it to me again. :S (the little brat):S I'm not taking her fishing again. THAT'S IT!!! I'm sick of it. I couldn't catch a cold in Alaska. :eek: :eek:

    Yesterday 07/23/07
    Look at the SLOP she pulled that thing out of.
    Anyone guess where it is? No, I'm not going to tell you except in a PM after you guess it.

    I have to fish a tourney with my daughter Lily. She will scare you guys. I'm serious. It is uncanny. I attribute it to her being 9yrs old and having more SENSITIVE fingers and touch than I. I believe that she can feel the fish more than I can. :)confused:)

    What do you guys think?


  2. WB185Ranger

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    Hey Trucked, glad your back from vacation! Lilly is so awesome!! I'd say shes got a good fishing teacher :) Lilly keep riding those horses and catching those fish!!! WB

  3. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    Looks like it's time for the student to surpass the great looking fish...nice one Lily
  4. There was a man and his son there. Which was great. Then I saw that they were KEEPING all the bluegill that they could. Now this place is SMALL and if there is to be ANY fish in there 2 yrs from now then I would say NOT to keep any fish from there.

    So, if you are here and see this post, then you will know who I am talking about. I ask you to PLEASE not to keep fish from here. I think if you are the one that I am talking about then you will reckognize the area from the pictures and respect the fact of putting the fish back. PLEASE DON'T KEEP 7" BLUEGILL FROM HERE AND BASS TOO. That's why there are 5 pounders in here and 1 1/2lb bluegill. Nobody keeps them for that reason.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi WB. Lily says hi too.

    Going to Cosi for the day. See ya'all later.

    I just gave the cable man the website address. So look for him later or whenever.
  5. Way to go Lily :D :D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! got outfished by a GIRL :p :p ! ! ! ! Way to go Trucked..keep her interested as long as you can.
  6. Lily has been fishing with me since she was 2 yrs old. We lived in Ft. Laud, FL and she used to fish the "Glades" with me all the time.

    She sure knows what she is doing though. She got that fish in smooth and lipped it with no problem. Then she grabs the belly and supports it the right way. I am so proud of my daughter.

    Anybody guess were it is yet? I will give a hint. Columbus area. That's it.:confused:
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    Lilly knows whats up...Spinnerbaits baby!!

    nice fish!