oneida lake in NY

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    Has anyone ever ice fished oneida lake up in NY? we are thinking of a trip up there this year and wanted to get some info before we go.Also if anyone is interested in going up your more than welcome to tag along.. so far i have 4 guys going some time in jan and then another trip in feb with no dates set as of yet.
    thanks for any info
  2. I used to ice fish there from 1992-1995 when I was stationed at Rome Ny in the Air Force. We always went out from the east end (Sylvan Beach area). We'd only go about 1-2 miles off shore either walking or on a sled. I used tip ups with (buckeyes - shiny minnows with big eyes) that they sold at the bait shops up there. Regular minnows didn't produce very well for me. Caught plenty of walleyes/catfish/perch. Don't let the buckeye minnow get close to the bottom because there is also a lot of (lawyers) there too (i.e. bowfin). Also swedish pimples worked well also (sometimes tip with buckeye minnow). Let me know if you need any more info. Dave Johnson (Dayton)